Renew your UK-owned .EU domain now to avoid Brexit worries

Things don't look great for.EU domain name registrants in the UK who will likely lose the right to register or renew .EU domain names post-Brexit. So let's talk options, specifically how renewing now with EuroDNS will enable you to keep your .EU domain name for the full renewal period – up to ten years. 

by Daniel - 06.04.2018

No new .EU domain names after Brexit 

The European Commission (EC) announced March 28th – almost a year to the day the UK will quit the EU  - that, post-Brexit, individuals and organisations established in the United Kingdom but not within the European Union will no longer be eligible to register or renew .EU domain names.

According to the EC'c communication, .EU domain registries will be "entitled to revoke [third country] domain name[s] on its own initiative" without submitting a dispute to arbitration. No reference is made to a grandfather agreement for valid .EU domains, how long registrants will have to transfer their sites once Brexit takes place, or how registrants can appeal any decisions made which disallow them from registering .EU domain names. 

Instead, the EC says once Brexit take place, “Accredited .EU registrars will not be entitled to process any request for the registration of or for renewing registrations of .EU domain names by those undertakings, organisations and persons” who will be considered “third country” by the EC.

UK residents left out in the cold?

While cutting registrants’ domain names on this level is an unusual occurrence within the domain industry, the EC’s rules state that .EU is strictly for registrants with EU residence. Regardless of how registrants, registrars, or EURid, the registry who manages the .EU extension, may feel about the decision, the EC ultimately makes the rules. And it appears thus far they aren't making any concessions. 

Shortly after the EC made its announcement, EURid published its own brief statement, offering registrants some hope that a “transitional arrangement” could be arrived at but little more. Indeed, based on its statement, it appears that EURid was given no heads up that the EC would be issuing a public statement at this time.

So, unless a possible withdrawal agreement is reached, British registrants, who hold the fourth largest number of .EU domain registrations, will lose their ability to register .EU domain names. That is unless they act now.

Renew your domain name now with EuroDNS

If you are located outside of the European Economic Area and wish to keep your .EU domain once Brexit takes place, we strongly recommend that you renew your domain now. Remember, you can renew your domain for up to ten years. 

If you prefer to explore other options, our Sales team is available to speak with you and would be happy to discuss alternative solutions: +352 263 725 250 or   

We are here to answer your questions and provide help. We understand that Brexit may be creating confusion or complications for our .EU domain name customers in the UK. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. And watch this space. We'll continue to keep our customers informed as we receive new information. 

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