Introducing E-mail based Two-Step Verification (TSV): Upgrade Your Account Safety

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The need for Two-Step verification

As digital landscapes expand, the traditional password system proves increasingly insufficient. Recent instances of large-scale data breaches have highlighted the vulnerabilities inherent in relying solely on passwords.

One notable security breach occurred in September 2023, when T-Mobile experienced a significant data breach. This incident exposed employee data, including email addresses and partial Social Security Numbers, underlining the vulnerabilities present even within large organizations and the complexities of securing data through third-party service providers.

Two-Step Verification is an important security feature that helps prevent unauthorized access. It adds an extra step of verification, so just knowing the password isn’t enough to get into your account.

What is the New Email-based TSV?

The introduction of email-based TSV responds to the increasing risks of hacking by ensuring every user account is protected through an accessible, app-free system. This method enhances security by utilizing something the user already has access to - their email -making it easier to maintain security without needing specialized knowledge or tools.

Here’s what will happen:

1. When you try to log into your account, you'll first be prompted to check your email for a verification code.

2. This code must be entered on the login screen to proceed with accessing your account.

Watch this Demo Video for a step-by-step guide on how it works:

Improving User Experience with Email-Based TSV

Email-based TSV

How it works: With this new feature, when users attempt to log in, they are prompted to check their email for a verification code. This code must be entered on the login screen to proceed.

Activation: It will be automatically activated for new users and for those who do not already have the TOTP based TSV activated previously.

Options to skip: Users can choose to skip this verification for 90 days by selecting the “trust this computer” during the login process.

TOTP-based TSV

How it works: This traditional method requires an authentication app to generate a time generated one-time password (TOTP) that users must enter along with their regular password to log in.

Activation: It is activated only upon customer request.

Options to skip: Users with this feature enabled are not required to enable the e-mail based TSV. In case they disable the TOTP, email based-TSV will be automatically activated. If they re-enable TOTP, e-mail based TSV will be disabled.

Co-existence of TOTP based TSV and E-mail based TSV

Both systems will coexist, offering users a choice between using the traditional TOTP app or the more straightforward email verification method. Users can switch between systems by enabling or disabling TOTP, which will automatically toggle the e-mail based TSV accordingly.

Start your secure online journey

With our new email based TSV system now in place, you can be assured of improved protection every time you log in. There's no need to activate anything your account is already safer. Begin your secure online journey by logging in today and experience the benefits of our upgraded security system.

For more clarity on how the new email-based Two-Step Verification system works and how it benefits you, please see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.


1. What is email-based Two-Step Verification (TSV)?

Email-based TSV is a security process that enhances the protection of your account by requiring two forms of identification before access is granted. This method uses a code sent to your email, which you must enter on the login screen after your password.

2. How does email-based Two-Step Verification work?

When you attempt to log into your account, you will receive an email containing a verification code. You need to enter this code along with your password to gain access to your account. This extra step ensures that only you can access your account, even if someone else knows your password.

3. Do I need to install any apps for the new e-mail based TSV?

No, our e-mail based TSV does not require any additional apps. It uses your existing email system to send the verification code directly to your email, simplifying the process and enhancing accessibility.

4. Can I skip the e-mail based TSV if I trust my device?

Yes, you can choose to skip the e-mail based TSV for 90 days by selecting the “trust this computer” option during the login process. This makes it easier for frequent logins from a trusted device.

5. What if I already use TOTP-based TSV?

If you are already using the TOTP-based TSV, you can continue to use it. The e-mail based TSV will automatically be disabled if TOTP is active. However, if you disable TOTP, the email-based system will activate to ensure continuous protection.

6. Does it also apply if my account has shared access with other users?

Yes, the e-mail based TSV applies to all users, including those with shared account access, ensuring enhanced security across every login attempt.

7. What are the benefits of using email-based TSV over TOTP-based TSV?

The email-based TSV is more straightforward as it does not require any additional apps and uses something you already have access to—your email. This makes it more user-friendly, especially for those who prefer not to use an authenticator app.

8. Where can I find a demo on how to use the new e-mail based TSV?

You can watch the demo video here to see how easy it is to enhance your account security.

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