Brand assets

We love when people use our company name as we intended and we hate if we have to call on the grammar police. Here's a brief guide to our corporate values and brand assets.

Colour values and logo

Logo pack

The logo packs contain all the formats and versions of our logo that you'll ever need. If we've left a version out, please email our marketing department who can assist you.


  • HEX: #3EC1E6
  • RGB: R:62 G:193 B:230


  • Pantone: 2995C
  • CMYK: C:87 M:0 Y:0 K:0

Typeface / Font

Lato - Open Font License



Company name

There's really only one way we want our company name to appear in online and offline written text and here it is:

  • EuroDNS

No substitutes please:

  • eurodns
  • Euro dns
  • etc. etc. etc.

Tagline (optional)

When we need to emphasise just what it is that we do, we run with our optional tagline:

  • Your World of Domain Names

Bios & headshots

Bios - Xavier Buck

Xavier Buck

Chairman & Founder

Xavier Buck has been an Internet Entrepreneur since 1996. In 2000 he founded the DCL Group, a leading Internet and e-commerce venture housing companies co-founded by Xavier. The group includes Datacenter Luxembourg, a leading hosting company in Europe. EuroDNS, an ICANN accredited international domain name registrar, and eBrand services specialising in corporate domain name management. These companies share values of openness and excellence aimed at consumers and broader markets.

A firm believer in accessibility of domain names for everyone, Xavier has built up strong partnerships to allow customers to fulfill local registration requirements. He continues to lobby for the opening of country code domain names in regions around the world.

Luxembourgish born and fluent in English, German and French, Xavier has built an international profile by participating in numerous industry forums and advisory groups.

Bios - Lutz Berneke

Lutz Berneke


Lutz Berneke has held various positions in the German tech industry. He was CEO at GEA, a company focusing on process technology and components for complex production processes in a wide range of end-user markets. CEO at Bosch Security Systems, a company offering products and services for security, safety, and communications. Plus, CFO at KUKA Systems, a manufacturer of industrial robots for factory automation.

Previously CFO at EuroDNS, Lutz in his role as EuroDNS CEO, is responsible for day to day operations. He works closely with his team on various product strategies, implementing new policies for development and accelerating growth. He is also CEO of eBrand Services, EuroDNS’ sister company specialising in corporate domain name management.

German born, Lutz also speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and basic Dutch.

Bios - Macsen Galvin

Macsen Galvin


Macsen Galvin is our Chief Operating Officer and he brings to EuroDNS over twenty years of core industry experience in hosting, domains, and online services.

He joined EuroDNS from Webfusion, the largest domain registrar and hosting company in the UK. Whilst there he worked as Development Director, Head of Product Management, and Head of Technical Strategy. He was responsible for the technical and development teams, support of customer-facing products, internal IT support, and data centres.

Previously, Macsen was Head of Vendor Management at CityIndex, the UK’s largest financial spread betting and CFD trading firm. During his tenure he was responsible for managing all online services and external developer relations related to the online service of the business.

He has a strong background in strategy and management, a deep knowledge of hosting and the domain industry, and a passion for cycling. British-French by birth, Macsen is fluent in both languages. He participates in many industry events and brings invaluable knowledge to EuroDNS.