DNS management services

We offer Classic and Professional DNS management services for your website and email settings. When users visit your website, the DNS services control which server they connect to. DNS (Domain Name System) also translates your computer’s IP address into your human-friendly domain name. Both DNS services are designed to increase your site's performance before the traffic even arrives at your server. Your website will be faster, more reliable, and secure.

DNS services - Classic DNS

Classic DNS

Our Classic DNS service is free with every EuroDNS registered domain name. Our Anycast network delivers reduced latency, advanced traffic routing features, and robust security. Lookup times are reduced and performance is improved, ensuring a superior user experience.

DNS services - Professional DNS

Professional DNS

Our Professional DNS is powered by the fastest and most reliable Anycast networks in the world. It’s a single solution with the redundancy and speed of multiple Anycast networks. If you need a highly available, low latency DNS service with advanced traffic routing features, this is it.


Classic DNS vs Professional DNS

Take a quick look at the comparison table below to see what our Classic DNS and Professional DNS offer, keep scrolling for more detailed information.

Free Classic DNSProfessional DNS
Name servers45
URL & email forwarding
IPv4 & IPv6
Secondary name server
DNSSEC auto-sign

Features of Classic DNS and Professional DNS

DNS services - DNS Features
  • Single web interface – Edit DNS zones hosted in Classic DNS or Professional DNS, in the same web interface.
  • IPv4 & IPv6 compliant – All name servers are connected in IPv4 and IPv6 by default.
  • URL & email forwarding – Redirect a host name to one of your existing websites, or create an email redirection.
  • Versioning – You won’t lose track of changes that happened in your zone, plus you can rollback to any previous version.
  • Checks & validation – Verify your zone before publishing, with the same tool used to verify registries’ zones.
  • Templates – Configure zone templates and apply to multiple domain names. Templates will handle DNS resource records and forwarding.

Total online control for managing your DNS

DNS services - online control
  • Manage renewal and transfer of domain names with the click of a button.
  • Full, real time DNS management, including A AAAA APEX CAA MX CNAME TXT SRV SPF & NS for sub delegation.
  • Robust, reliable Anycast DNS network.
  • Create reusable profiles for common settings & repeated actions.
  • Bulk management tools for taking care of multiple domain names.
  • Create domain folders for multi-level account access & permissions for different teams.
  • Credit account balance, invoices, and payment methods displayed in real time.
  • Streamlined DNS management means you can perform all your tasks in one place.
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