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EuroDNS has strong relationships with technology companies and domain registries around the world, ensuring that we’re always at the forefront of the domain industry.

Our partners - ICANN


ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) manage the Internet's core infrastructure and govern all the laws surrounding domain names. Along with RIPE they oversee the DNS, IP addresses and all international and generic domains. ICANN also monitor registrars to ensure they are financially viable, technically capable, and sticking to the rules. EuroDNS has been an ICANN accredited registrar since 2002.

EuroDNS is partnered with hundreds of registries worldwide

Our partners - EuroDNS partners

Technology partners

Our partners - Technology Partners

Open-Xchange provides an alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Its business-class email suite means you are not tied to your desk; you can work anywhere and access your email from any device. Working remotely you can manage email, contacts, share calendars, documents, tasks and more. Open-Xchange email is included as standard with every EuroDNS domain.

Namespace Group partners

Our partners - Namespace Group Partners

eBrand specialises in corporate domain name management with services including registration, brand creation, portfolio centralisation, recovery, and trademark protection. It is an accredited agent of the Trademark Clearinghouse, but both EuroDNS customers and eBrand can receive help and advice in registering trademarks.

Our partners - Datacenter

Datacenter Luxembourg offers a data centre infrastructure, international Internet and telecom connectivity, managed e-commerce and hosting services. Its tier IV data centres are located in various geographical locations providing a reliable solution with maximum performance.