Anycast DNS - a free DNS service with every domain name

Unlike many providers, we offer a free DNS service with all EuroDNS-registered domain names. Our free Anycast DNS is powered by fast, secure Anycast DNS networks. We understand how mission-critical your domain name is, so we don’t cut corners with your DNS!

Free Anycast DNS service with every domain name

  • Your traffic will be routed to the nearest available server on the network. This will reduce lookup times and improve performance.
  • The likelihood of downtime is significantly reduced. This is due to no single point of failure and increased availability.
  • Your traffic will be shared between name servers. This will balance the load and reduce traffic bottlenecks.
  • Enhanced security features in our free DNS reduce the possibility of DDoS attacks.
  • The Anycast DNS uses DNSSEC security to confirm data. It also checks that connections are with genuine servers. This scrutiny eliminates hack attacks and redirection to spurious sites.
  • The secondary DNS server acts as a backup in the event the principal server fails. It’s updated from the principal DNS server so it’s always a real time version.
Anycast DNS - free DNS service with every domain name - Anycast DNS

Upgrade to Anycast DNS Premium

Our Anycast DNS Premium is powered by the fastest and most reliable Anycast networks in the world. It’s a single solution that offers the redundancy and speed of multiple Anycast networks. If you need a highly available, low latency DNS service with advanced traffic routing features, this is the one for you.

Anycast DNS Premium

How does Anycast DNS work?

When a customer’s browser looks up your website’s IP address, and the request lands on the Anycast name server, our Anycast DNS network will optimize the DNS resolution speed through a ring of easily accessible, always-on name servers around the world.

  • Four name servers – 4 Anycast
  • A AAAA ALIAS CAA MX CNAME TXT SRV SPF, and NS for sub delegation
  • Instant update (database storage)
  • Versioned zone files