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We offer a full suite of services in domain management and online brand protection. Our expert account managers will analyse your domain portfolio and consult on the best solution for your company.

Over 20 years in domain management

  • Domain management consultation
  • Domain portfolio management
  • Access to >1000 domain extensions
  • Domain acquisition
  • Online brand protection
  • Domain blocking solutions

Services we offer

Domain management

Domain management

Benefit from our expertise in domain name management and manage your domain portfolio all-in-one place. We will help to develop a tailor-made solution that will improve your domain administration and reduce any associated risks.

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Brand protection

Brand protection

Protect your intellectual property and brands against brand abuse with our online brand protection, Trademark Clearinghouse and domain monitoring services. Our expert team will find the right solution for your needs.

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Our domain management services

Domain extension catalogue

Domain portfolio management

With access to over 1000 domain extensions, we are a perfect one-stop-shop solution for domain registration and management. Our robust user-friendly web interface and dedicated support will ensure security and ease in managing your global domain portfolio.

Key account management

Domain management consultation

All customers with a large domain name portfolio are assigned a personal account manager to support and consult on all our products and services and provide the best solution custom to your business needs. Our expert customer support is also available in 4 languages (English, French, German, Spanish).

Our brand protection services


Trademark Clearing House

Registering with Trademark Clearing House provides an exclusive access to Sunrise registration period to register the domain name matching your brand and access to Trademark Claims Service.

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Online brand protection

Online brand protection

Controlling the online use of your brand can be a daunting task. With our robust brand protection platform, you will be able to monitor your products across online marketplaces, social networks and quickly detect any brand infringements.

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Domain blocking solutions

Domain blocking solutions

Fortify your business with GlobalBlock – the ultimate domain protection, DPML for seamless brand defense, and AdultBlock to safeguard your brand in the adult space.

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Your online presence in one place

Professional DNS

Professional DNS

Boost the performance of your website before your traffic even reaches your server. Use our high availability, low latency DNS service, with advanced traffic routing features. Our Professional DNS runs on a highly reliable Anycast DNS network.

from €2.69 / month
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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Our website hosting packages are tailored to different business needs. From powering a small business site to an e-commerce or large business site, we have a perfect solution for you. With optimal server stability, performance and security.

from €1.99 / month
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Multi-Domain SSL

Multi-Domain SSL

Take advantage of our Sectigo DV, EV and OV Multi-Domain SSL certificates and secure up to 250 domain names with just a single certificate. A great solution for businesses looking for flexibility, convenience and hassle-free management.

from €164.96 / year
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Why choose EuroDNS

Supporting your growth

Supporting your growth

With access to over 1200 extensions, you will find the domain extension that fits your every business need whether your business is expanding into new markets or looking for a niche name to stand out.

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated account management

You can relax while our multilingual customer service and dedicated account managers assist you with domain management from transfers, registration and setup, and will advise on any questions.

All in one place

All in one place

We offer all solutions that you need for successful online presence: full range of domain extensions, website hosting, professional email, SSL certificates, Microsoft Office packages.

What our customers say

"EuroDNS has top level domains that other domain registration providers don’t offer, and we work effectively together. It was an easy choice for us."

Sharon Teng - Mailchimp

"We've been working with EuroDNS for many years and we've always found the support to be great. Domains are well priced and we have access to a wide variety of domains through an easy to use system. The service has always been reliable."

Mark Camilleri Gambin - Talexio

Under the Doormat
"We want a provider that is cost-effective but more importantly gives us easy access to the assets we want to own and helps make that process seamless for us. Our experience with EuroDNS has been incredible."

Merilee Karr - Under The Doormat


Domain management or domain name management is the ongoing process of securing and maintaining a corporate domain name portfolio. It encompasses activities and services related to domain names such as

  • defensive and offensive domain registration,
  • domain maintenance,
  • domain hosting,
  • domain renewals,
  • domain audits.

These tasks are the first steps to ensuring online security of your business.

Corporate Domain Management services are designed for businesses of all sizes with a large domain portfolio to ensure secure and centralised management. EuroDNS offers a variety of service plans including but limited to: domain acquisition, best practice and products consultation, domain portfolio consolidation, domain audit and analysis.

Domain name monitoring is the process of surveilling new registrations of domain names similar to the brand and trademark, detecting any online infringements like cybersquatting and typosquatting, analysing and defining the right legal actions, recovering disputed domain names.

Key steps in domain management include:

  • domain consolidation,
  • defensive and offensive domain registration,
  • regular domain audits and monitoring,
  • implementation of various security practices,
  • setting up and defining a corporate domain management policy
  • choosing a secure and reliable domain provider.

You can learn best practices and tips in our free Domain Management guide.

Brand protection is the process and set of actions that a brand undertakes to prevent brand identity and intellectual property abuse such as counterfeits, copyright piracy or various infringements.

Brand protection services is a set of tools designed to help you to protect your brand.

Examples are:

  • premium domain name management,
  • domain and brand abuse monitoring,
  • anti-counterfeiting monitoring and signalling,
  • online security solutions such as DNS solutions, SSL certificates and vulnerability testing.

With all these online brand protection services, EuroDNS offer a complete package to protect your brand using one of the most robust and modern brand protection platforms on the market.

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Get your free Domain Name Management Guide

Get your free Domain Name Management Guide

Learn what the best practices are in domain management, issues & risks associated with poor management, its impact on brand identity and reputation, and how you can improve your process now.