Jetpack for WordPress

Our customers love the Jetpack plugin because it offers all the features and services they need in one package to keep their website secure, stable and up-to-date.

Jetpack plugin and what it offers

No matter the type of website you want to build, you will need to build it on solid foundations and that's where the Jetpack plugin comes in. All the features offered by Jetpack are essentially there to help keeping your website secure, maintain a solid brand, and help you improve engagement with your growing audience.

Downtime monitoring

Keeping your website online is an essential part of business today. Having your visitors type in your domain and seeing your website appear in an instant is the key to building trust and making a good impression with potential customers. It can occur for a number of reasons, but the usual ones are a large increase in the amount of traffic at a given time, problems with the hosting provider or unauthorised access to the website.

This sounds like a lot to keep track of but that's where Jetpack comes into its own.

Here's how it works:

  • Servers around the world ping your website every five minutes and wait for a reply.
  • Alerts are sent via email and/or via mobile alerts when the website is offline and when its back online.
  • Notifications can be sent to any email address you choose to use.
  • A full recap of the downtime period is provided once the website is back online.

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Downtime monitoring
WordPress Backup

Website backups

When you subscribe to our WordPress hosting with a Jetpack license, what you are essentially getting is a double layer of backup. The first is on our servers and a second backup is performed as part of your Jetpack license. Think of it as having a spare key (that you'll hopefully never need to use!)

Backups are performed daily and an archive for the last 30 days will be available for you to restore from. Should you require assistance, a professional support team is available to guide you through the procedures.

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Site activity

If you're website is managed by a team, then the site activity feature will help you keep it a well oiled machine. Keep track of who modifies what with detailed information on each event that occurs on both the WordPress core and Jetpack activites. See the 20 most recent events, view all activities that occurred in a 30 day range or view the types of events that have occured.

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Website activity
WordPress security


Protect your website against brute force login attacks, spam, and harmful malware injections. Have peace of mind knowing hackers and bots can’t force their way into your site. Review comments and form submissions flagged as spam, and be notified if a potential security threat is found in one of your plugins or any theme files.

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Automatic updates

A nice convenience feature that will automatically keep track of your installed WordPress plugins and where you set which ones you want automatically updated once a new version becomes available. This will ensure that your website is always using the latest and most stable versions leading to a better website experience for your visitors.

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Automatic updates
Expert support

Expert support

As a EuroDNS customer, you will always receive top level support when you need it. Our team is on hand for those rare moments when something just isn't working right. Moreover, when you buy our WordPress with Jetpack hosting, you will also have support from the Jetpack team who are specialists in the ins and outs of the WordPress platform.

All Managed WordPress customers get the following:

  • Support from EuroDNS (order queries, basic installation, domain and SSL questions)
  • Priority support from Jetpack (specialised email support for WordPress and Jetpack)

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WordPress with Jetpack

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