Robust email & file security

With small businesses receiving the highest rate of targeted malicious emails, it's crucial that you protect your inbox and every message you send and receive. Don't be the 51% of businesses who have no security measures in place - our advanced email security can shield your inbox to help you keep your business ticking.

advanced file encryption

Your email, our concern

Protecting your inbox is our priority. We help you secure your messages and information with advanced file encryption and one click password protection.

real-time AI engine

Protect your information

Keep on top of your sensitive information with our real-time AI engine. Which protects your data by detecting any incoming phishing attacks.

OX Email & file encryption

Email & file encryption

Password-protected emailing

Protect the communication between you and your customers by encrypting emails and documents with simply one click. It's easy to set up and can extend to any internal documents you share with your team too. Allowing you to be in control of your inbox and information.

OX Safe Unsubscribe Service

Safe Unsubscribe Service

Reduce spam with one click

With spam being one of the most common ways to target small businesses - Safe Unsubscribe protects your inbox and business by automatically sending any suspicious mail to the junk folder with one click.

OX Real-time Anti-Phishing

Real-time Anti-Phishing

Powerful protection

Using AI, real time anti phishing protects you by keeping your sensitive information secure. Phishing attacks look to target personal business details and customer information - our AI engine detects suspicious links and keeps you away from clicking on suspicious links.

Choose the right secure email plan for you



  • Ad free email
  • Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Essential Security
  • 5 GB Email Storage


  • All Basic plan features plus:

  • OX Documents App Suite
  • including:
  • OX Text
  • OX Spreadsheet
  • OX Presentation
  • OX Drive Cloud
  • 20 GB Email & Cloud Storage


  • All Advanced plan features plus:

  • OX Guard Advanced Security
  • including:
  • Email and file encryption
  • Real-time anti-phishing
  • Save unsubscribe service
  • 50 GB Email & Cloud Storage

Need more emails?

So your business is now booming and you’ve got a growing team. Next on the list is sorting everyone out with their own business email addresses. We’ve got you. Drop our lovely sales team a line and get a free quote to see how we can help you go big (and definitely not go home)


Secure emailing, simplified

  • Email & File Encryption: User-friendly one-click messages and document encryption
  • Safe Unsubscribe Service: Effortlessly protect your inbox from spam and unsubscribe from newsletters with a single click
  • Real-time anti-phishing: Avoid falling victim to fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information by detecting suspicious in-email links in real-time

FAQs for our Professional Plan

A custom email address including your domain name, can help your business to establish a professional image, build brand recognition, and improve your overall online presence.

Our Professional Plan comes with full email and file protection with multiple encryption features and an AI based engine to detect phishing attacks. Additionally, you get with OX Documents all the tools you need to collaborate on shared documents and you also get OX Mail, which allows you to create a custom email address including your domain name, and OX Drive, which allows you to organise your documents in the cloud.

Upgrading is easy. You can upgrade from your EuroDNS account and follow the steps as described on our upgrade support page.

Yes, with our advanced security features your OX Mail inbox (included in all plans) is protected from spam, viruses, phishing, and malware. Password protection, email encryption and automatic AI based phishing detection add another layer of email security. Advanced Document Security ensures that your documents are safe with security features like SSL encryption and two-factor authentication

The Basic Plan is best suited for small businesses for up to 5 people, where the Advanced Plan is perfect for SMBs with larger teams where collaboration is important. Our Professional Plan is best for businesses for which security and protection is key.

Migrating your IMAP inbox from your previous provider to EuroDNS is not difficult, but depends on every situation. If you're just talking about a few mailboxes, you can copy them manually. If however you need to migrate many mailboxes, including calendars and contacts, then a third-party tool might be your best option. We have positive experiences with Audriga, that we also use ourselves.