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Fortify your business with GlobalBlock – the ultimate domain protection, DPML for seamless brand defense, and AdultBlock to safeguard your brand in the adult space. Elevate your digital presence and ensure comprehensive brand protection with these powerful solutions.

  • Flexible and scalable solutions for all business needs
  • Comprehensive protection over 560 extensions
  • Effortless management with streamlined processes

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Effortlessly protect your brand from potential infringements by blocking domains across various Identity Digital extensions with a streamlined and cost-efficient solution.

AdultBlock - AdultBlock+

AdultBlock & Adultblock+

Specialized protection for your brand in the adult entertainment domain, preventing unauthorized use and maintaining your brand's integrity with efficient management of adult-oriented domains.

GlobalBlock - GlobalBlock+

GlobalBlock & GlobalBlock+

Instantly secure your brand across hundreds of extensions with the world's first unified domain blocking service, offering unparalleled global coverage.

Benefits of Domain Blocking

Comprehensive brand protection

Comprehensive brand protection

Prevent unauthorized use, uphold brand reputation, and build customer trust with a secure and well-managed online presence.

Effortless operations and management

Effortless management

Streamline domain processes, adapt to changing needs, and save time, allowing focused attention on core business growth.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Benefit from economical domain protection, reduce legal and domain costs, and maintain a predictable budget for sustainable brand growth.

Explore each program and their features

DPML & DPML+AdultBlock & AdultBlock+GlobalBlock & GlobalBlock+
Number of covered extensions314 (Identity Digital Domains)4 (.adult, .porn, .sex and .xxx)560+ (ccTLDs, gTLDs, ngTLDs, including DPML TLDs)
Exact matchYesYesYes
Unicode variant blocking including homoglyphs & IDNsNo / Yes for DPML+No / Yes for AdultBlock+No / Yes for GlobalBlock+
Priority autocatchNo NoYes
Premium names coveredNo / Yes for DPML+YesYes
Blocking of domains when they become availableYesYesYes
Labels1 / Additional 3 for DPML+1 / Unlimited for AdultBlock+1 / Unlimited for GlobalBlock+
Minimum term1 to 10 years1, 3, 5 and 10 years1, 2, 3 years
Who is eligible?Trademark holders with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Registered trademark ; Unregistered trademark; Company or organisation name; Celebrity name.Trademark holders with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Registered trademark ; Unregistered trademark; Company or organisation name; Celebrity name.Trademark holders with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Registered trademark ; Unregistered trademark; Company or organisation name; Celebrity name.
FeesContact our consultantContact our consultantContact our consultant
SponsorIdentity DigitalICM RegistryBrand Safety Alliance

Simple steps to set up Domain Blocking

  1. Provide us with your list of trademarks and marks protected filed with the Trademark Clearinghouse. If you haven't done that yet, we can help you validate your trademarks with TMCH.
  2. Review our Domain Blocking programs with our consultant.
  3. We will provide you with confirmation of trademark verification and advise you on fees and next steps.
  4. Sit back and relax. Your brand and trademarks are protected online in each of the domains extensions covered in your selected program.
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Upgrade to the professional plan

Secure your brand with TMCH

Lock in your brand's supremacy with Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) that not only safeguards against infringement but seamlessly integrates with DPML, Adultblock, and Globalblock, ensuring unrivaled protection across the digital frontier. 


Domain Blocking is a defensive brand protection method that involves registering dormant domain names to prevent unauthorized use. Originally addressing concerns in the .xxx domain for adult entertainment, it now extends to over 600 domain extensions to safeguard trademarks from cyber threats. While not offering complete protection, Domain Blocking is recommended for preserving brand assets, trademarks, and individual names, emphasizing the need for a proactive domain name management strategy.

The Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) is a rights protection mechanism working with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). It provides brand owners with a means of protecting their trademark; including terms and phrases that contain their trademark. This protection works on all domain extensions from registries employing the DPML system.

For more information on DPML, read our blog.

Yes. A DPML block on a specific domain may be overridden and registered by any trademark owner with Sunrise rights to that domain. An override can be performed at any time and can be initiated by the owner of the DPML account or, in the case of DPML Legacy, by another owner of the same trademarked string. The party performing an override must have an exact match, Sunrise - eligible trademark for the domain (i.e, the overriding party must have a valid Signed Mark Data, or SMD, file issued by the TMCH). There is a one-time override fee per domain (non-refundable) plus the annual registration fee.

Note: a DPML Plus block can’t be overridden by another trademark owner; only the owner of the DPML Plus block will be eligible to override a domain covered within the block. Should you require any assistance with overriding a DPML Plus blocked domain, please reach out to our support and provide the SMD used for the original block. 

AdultBlock is a service similar to DPML but specifically designed to protect trademarks from misuse in adult-themed TLDs, such as .xxx, .porn, .adult, and .sex. It helps prevent the registration of domain names that could harm a brand's reputation in the adult entertainment industry.

For more information on AdultBlock, read our blog.

GlobalBlock provides comprehensive protection across a wide range of TLDs. It's a bundled solution for trademark holders seeking extensive coverage.

For more information on GlobalBlock, read our blog.

The transferability of these services may vary between domain registrars and registries. It's recommended to check the specific terms and conditions of the provider offering these services for information on transfers.

The duration of protection varies depending on the subscription period chosen by the trademark holder. Typically, protection can be purchased for one, five, or ten years, with the option to renew before expiration.

No, these services only prevent the registration of new domain names that match or closely resemble the protected trademarks. Existing domain registrations are not affected by DPML, AdultBlock, or GlobalBlock.

To be eligible for DMPL, Adultblock, and Globalblock services, your trademark must undergo validation through the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Additionally, you are required to submit the Signed Mark Data (SMD) file as evidence of your trademark's proof of use. DPML Blocks may be subject to revocation if the associated TMCH enrollment is allowed to expire.

Yes, maintaining an active and up-to-date SMD file with the TMCH is crucial for the continued effectiveness of DPML, AdultBlock, or GlobalBlock. The SMD file contains information about the trademark and is used to validate and enforce the rights of the trademark holder.

Unicode variant blocking is a feature that helps prevent the registration of domain names that use characters with similar appearances but have different Unicode code points. This includes homoglyphs, which are characters that look visually similar, and IDNs, which involve characters from non-Latin scripts. This feature adds an extra layer of protection against potential instances of domain spoofing or phishing. It ensures that even visually similar variations of the protected trademarks are blocked to maintain brand integrity.

When you individually register your protected marks as domain names, you incur the full cost for each unique domain, and covering related terms requires additional investments across all TLDs. Each registered domain can be directed to the same or different websites. In contrast, Domain Blocking programs block all designated trademarks universally on the internet, prohibiting their use by anyone unless an override is requested.