Legal Information and Contractual Terms


EuroDNS S.A.

2, rue Léon Laval
L-3372 Leudelange

VAT: LU-19406747
Trade Register number: B 89.978
Trade License: 99356
Matricule: 2002223060

Management Team

  • Chief Executive Officer: Lutz Berneke

  • Chairman of the Board: Xavier Buck

  • Chief Operating Officer: Macsen Galvin

  • Chief Sales Officer: Daniel Eisenhut

  • Chief Technical Officer: Anouar Adlani

  • Chief Legal Officer: Luc Seufer


Third parties Pursuant to applicable laws, EuroDNS allows any interested party to report any illicit use of its services. However, it shall be noted that EuroDNS is solely entitled to suspend its services on its own initiative in cases where a blatantly illicit use of those is made, such as in cases falling under article 379, 457-1 and 496 of the Luxembourgish penal code (fraud, child pornography, incitement to racial hatred...)

Any other type of dispute must be settled directly between the reporter and the applicable EuroDNS customer.

Our legal department is reachable at:

  • legalservices[at]
  • tel: +352 27 220 150
  • fax: +352 20 300 150

Upon receipt of your complaint, our legal department will review it within a timely fashion and the appropriate action will be taken. You will always be kept fully informed by email of EuroDNS' actions, if any.

Customer claims

Customers' claims should be sent to EuroDNS legal department and will be reviewed and investigated within 10 working days of their receipt. The original communication will be acknowledged within 3 working days and its sender will always be kept fully informed by email of EuroDNS' actions, and the results of the investigation within this timeframe. Should the result of the investigation not be to the satisfaction of the Customer, they should write by registered post to:

EuroDNS Complaints

2, rue Léon Laval L-3372 Leudelange, Luxembourg

This will then be acknowledged as per the prior procedure but be reviewed by senior staff.


If you believe that EuroDNS is breaching its obligations as an ICANN accredited registrar, you may lodge a complaint against EuroDNS by following the instructions displayed at this address:

Contractual Terms and Policies

The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by and via EuroDNS.

General Terms

General Terms

Financial Information

Specific Terms

Specific Terms: Domain Name Service

Specific Terms: ProDNS Service

Service Level Agreement: ProDNS Service

Specific Terms: Open-Xchange Service

Specific Terms: Local Presence Service

Specific Terms: Mega Voucher

Specific Terms: Web Hosting Service

Specific Terms: Trademark Clearinghouse Service

Specific Terms: Whois Protection Service

Specific Terms: SSL Certificates Service


ICANN Policy - Registrant Rights and Responsibilities

ICANN Policy - Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution

ICANN Policy - Registrar Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy

ICANN Policy - Expired Registration Recovery Policy

ICANN Policy - Domain Name Transfers

ICANN Policy - Whois Data Reminder Policy

ICANN Policy - Uniform Rapid Suspension System

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