Reseller installation guide

Follow the installation steps below and your domain reseller business will be ready to go. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions.

What you need to get started

Reseller installation guide - EuroDNS Account

1. EuroDNS Account

To get started, you will need to have an active EuroDNS account.

Reseller installation guide - EuroDNS API

2. EuroDNS API

You will need access to the EuroDNS API. Contact our sales team if you don't have access.

Whmcs License

3. WHMCS License

An up to date WHMCS installation and a valid WHMCS license.

Download & installation

Reseller installation guide - WHMCS

Get the official WHMCS plugin.

  1. Install WHMCS on your server. (Skip this step if you received your WHMCS license in a package from your server provider with a pre-installed version of WHMCS.)
  2. Download the WHMCS plugin.
  3. Unzip the file and upload/drag and drop the files into the WHMCS folder on your server. This will usually be located at /var/www/html/whmcs/
  4. Once WHMCS is installed on your server, log in to the admin panel.
  5. Under Setup > Products/Services click on Domain Registrars.
  6. Activate EuroDNS, click on Configure and enter the API login name and password given to you by our sales team.
  7. The EuroDNS module will now show up in the Domain Registrars section.

Configuration & setup

Security parameters

Define the security parameters for your system and keep data secure with restricted database privileges and restricted access to specific IPs.

WHMCS settings

You can change most of settings in the WHMCS plugin including contact details, localisation, domain name registration options, credit funding, ticketing feature, and social networking interactions.

Domain name pricing

Configure the domain name pricing that you will offer to your customers.

Products and services

Set up the products and services you’re going to offer. You can then manage stock controls and perform upgrades. Products can also be categorised or spread across multiple pages for easy viewing.

Payment methods

Choose which payment methods you accept or create your own gateway module if you’d like to integrate with a gateway that isn’t offered.

Additional resources

Reseller installation guide - Autorenew

Recommended settings

  • Automatic/manual renewal - Choose whether you’d like domain names to be renewed automatically or manually. Automatic is going to prevent those scary times when you forget to renew you’ll told that you’ll lose them.
  • Name server management - Set default name servers to be used for all registrations or not.
  • Zone/DNS management - Set up any fixed zone record settings.

Last few steps and your domain reseller business will be live!

  • Once you‘ve finished configuring products and payment methods, we recommend you to do some test registrations via the test API details.
  • When you’re happy it’s all working properly, email our sales team so they can send you the login and password for the production environment.
  • Congratulations, you’ve setup your domain reseller business. You can promote your products and start reaping the benefits - good luck!

Further information


You can contact us if you have any domain name fee related questions or error messages (we’ll check whether the issue is caused by the API or WHMCS, then we’ll give you the details of the person you need to contact). For troubleshooting you can also take a look at our domain reseller FAQs.


WHMCS will handle all technical questions regarding WHMCS;

  • your license
  • version updates
  • server related issues.