Protecting Your Brand Online: A Guide to DPML and DPML+ for Businesses

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In the dynamic landscape of online business, protecting your brand is crucial. DPML (Domains Protected Marks List) and its enhanced version, DPML+, offered by Donuts, are valuable tools designed to safeguard your trademarks in the vast domain space. In this blog, we'll explore what these services are, how they work, their benefits, requirements, and eligibility criteria.

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Secure your brand in the digital realm with DPML and DPML+. In this guide, we unveil the keys to effective brand protection, covering cost-effective strategies, simplified management, and defense against homograph attacks. Let's delve into the world of online brand security.  

What is DPML?

DPML, short for Domains Protected Marks List, is a service provided by the Domain Name System (DNS) industry to shield registered trademarks in the domain space. It empowers trademark owners to block registrations of domain names that could potentially infringe on their trademarks across multiple top-level domains (TLDs).

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Key Features


Number of covered extensions

314 (Identity Digital Domains)

Exact match


Unicode variant blocking including homoglyphs & IDNs

No / Yes for DPML+

Priority autocatch


Premium names covered

No / Yes for DPML+

Blocking of domains when they become available



1 / Additional 3 for DPML+

Minimum term

1 to 10 years

Who is eligible?

Trademark holders with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Registered trademark ; Unregistered trademark; Company or organisation name; Celebrity name.


Blocks are not subject to overrides by other parties with the same trademark, without the consent of the applicable holder.


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Identity Digital

How does DPML work?

Identity Digital registry behind popular domain extensions like .live, .group and more, launched DPML in conjuction with Trademark Clearinghouse TMCH. With DPML, trademark holders can block their trademark from being registered across all Identity Digital TLDs, providing additional assurance of trademark protection.

All TMCH registered trademarks can be registered under DPML by registrars like us who employ the DPML system. If you register, for example, the trademark COOLSITE with the Trademark Clearinghouse, you can also purchase DPML to block ABCCOOLSITE since the latter contains your trademark in its original form.

You can purchase as many DPML blocks as you like, so long as the trademarked terms are not broken up. You could not, for instance, purchase DPML protection for COOLASITE, COOLBSITE, or COOLCSITE.

What are the benefits of DPML?

  • Cost-Efficiency: Protect your brand across multiple TLDs without individual registrations.
  • Simplified Management: Consolidate the process, making it easier to control your brand online.
  • Reduced Risk of Cybersquatting: Prevent domain abuse and safeguard your brand's reputation.

Who is eligible?

  • Trademark holders with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).
  • An active nationally or regionally registered trademark.
  • Unregistered trademark: A mark created by a business or individual to signify or distinguish a product or service.
  • Registered Companies & Trading As names.
  • Famous persons, sports stars and personalities, political figures, actors, social media celebrities and public figures.

What are the requirements?

  • DPML can only be applied to trademarks matching those in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).
  • Registered TMCH trademarks must remain current.
  • DPML won't block already registered domains but reinforces the block once registration expires.
  • In some cases, DPML blocking may not be applicable, such as for premium domains.

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DPML Plus for Greater Protection

To bolster brand protection further, consider DPML Plus. It extends protection with a ten-year block term, unlimited overrides, extended coverage for all gTLDs, and the ability to block additional strings at an extra cost.

DPML Homograph Attack Protection

An important addition to DPML is homograph attack protection, addressing the threat of homograph attacks involving Cyrillic and Greek scripts. This feature is included at no extra charge for DPML subscribers, providing added assurance against phishing and other malicious activities.


DPML and DPML+ offer a robust solution for businesses looking to fortify their online brand presence. From cost-effective protection to simplified management, these services provide a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your trademarks in the ever-expanding digital landscape.

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