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Protecting Your Brand Online: A Guide to DPML and DPML+ for Businesses

by EuroDNS

In the dynamic landscape of online business, protecting your brand is crucial. DPML (Domains Protected Marks List) and its enhanced version, DPML+, offered by Donuts, are valuable tools designed to safeguard your trademarks in the vast domain space. In this blog, we'll explore what these services are, how they work, their benefits, requirements, and eligibility criteria.

Unlocking GlobalBlock: Your Ultimate Brand Protection

by EuroDNS

Discover GlobalBlock, the world's first unified domain blocking service by Brand Safety Alliance. Instantly protect your brand across hundreds of extensions, ensuring global coverage and direct, cost-effective defence.

AdultBlock and AdultBlock+: Your Advanced Brand Protection

by EuroDNS

Embark on a new era of brand protection with AdultBlock and AdultBlock+, cutting-edge services provided by ICM Registry. These services, building on the success of the dotXXX Sunrise B program, now extend their coverage to .SEX, .PORN, .ADULT, and .XXX, offering a comprehensive solution to safeguard brand integrity online.

Next round of new extensions aka ICANN’s vaporware

by Luc

The ICANN community is trying to start the next round of new gTLD applications, but their quest for perfection has caused delays. They have initiated several policy development processes to ensure the next round is flawless, but this has led to setbacks. However, the Subsequent Procedure working group has acknowledged this issue and proposed a model where new gTLD procedures would be handled in rounds, allowing policy development to continue without halting the program.

Who Offers the Cheapest Domain Renewals?

by Guest

Registering a domain is often surprisingly affordable until you see the high cost of renewing the domain. You can save money and keep your domain when you register with one of the sites on this list, such as Upflare, DynaDot, and Porkbun. This article discusses seven of the cheapest domain renewals.

Expired domain name trouble: a missed renewal date is all it takes

by EuroDNS

Simply put: Don’t. Let. Your. Domain. Expire. An expired domain name is bad for business, bad for users, and could end up costing you. Don’t believe us? These examples illustrate some of the worst things that can happen if you just let a domain name expire or miss your domain renewal date.