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Get DNSSEC, first line of defence against DNS security threats

by Daniel

DNSSEC provides an added layer of security for your domain name. It verifies the DNS records associated with your domain, ensuring that users aren't redirected to a deceptive site. Learn how DNSSEC can help you target this particular DNS security vulnerability - and how easy it is to enable directly from your EuroDNS account!

Online reputation management: a lesson in brand protection

by Daniel

John Oliver’s recent Last Week Tonight exposé on Rudy Giuliani demonstrates just how easy it is to register a domain that can be used to punk (or do worse damage) to an individual or brand. You’ll likely never inspire Giuliani-levels of dislike, but Oliver’s piece is a good reminder of the need for online reputation management.

Domain typosquatting: best practices for brand protection

by Daniel

Domain typosquatting is in the news again with a recent report that .CM typosquatted sites have received 12 million visits just this year alone! Are you familiar with the basic brand protection strategies that will keep both your customers and brand reputation safe from typosquatting-related threats? Forewarned is forearmed.

How to transfer a domain name when your registrar jumps ship

by Daniel

Oh no! Your domain registrar closed up shop without telling you?! Now you’re not sure how to retrieve and transfer your domain name?? Take a deep breath. Your domain registrar may have disappeared but your domain certainly hasn’t. We’re here to help with our domain name transfer how-to guide!

Domain name renewal options mean fewer expiration worries!

by Daniel

Renewing your domain name at EuroDNS just got a whole lot easier! Until now, you needed to wait until 60 days prior to the expiry date to renew your domain name. But now that we’ve removed this 60-day limitation, you’re free to renew when you like! See how our new domain renewal options give you more freedom and control.

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