8 effective blogging tips for small businesses

by Guest - 08.04.2021

According to SemRush research, over 86% of content marketers use blog posts as part of their marketing strategy. In this ever-competitive industry, the most important factor to ensure your blog’s success is producing high-quality content. But what are the most effective tips for running your SMB blog? Let’s discover that right now!

14 popular domains for marketing, news & communications

by Amélie - 31.03.2021

The marketing, communications and news industry boasts a bunch of specialised agencies, dedicated industry blogs and online apps. To help you give your business more visibility, we’ve gathered our favourite 14 domain extensions for the marketing, communications and news sector.

Build an SMB website with WordPress or website builder

by Amélie - 17.03.2021

With the existence of WordPress and website builders, creating and maintaining a professional website for your small business has never been so easy. But which of these two options is best for your company and your set of skills? We’re taking you through the pros and cons to help you decide.

Phishing email targeting EuroDNS customers

by Amélie - 09.03.2021

You may have received a phishing email aiming at directing you to a fake payment page used to steal credit card details. Please delete this email and do not click on any of the links!

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