Author: Daniel

.FUN, a vibrant new domain extension for catchy online branding!

by Daniel - 04.04.2017

The online worlds of entertainment and leisure have a new contender in the ring for most sought-after domain extension, .FUN! Short and punchy, with a high recall value, the .FUN extension serves as a recognisable and catchy branding tool for businesses and individuals looking to generate enthusiasm for their offerings. 

Domain name renewal: 4 easy ways to avoid potential problems

by Daniel - 09.03.2017

It's crucial that you keep your domain name registration up-to-date. Forgetting to renew your domain can be a mistake, one which costs you in time, money, and even your reputation. To prevent the damaging effects that come from not renewing your domain, we recommend you take the following four precautions. 

“NOT SECURE!” Chrome now enforcing HTTPS connections

by Daniel - 15.02.2017

“NOT SECURE!” Google’s Chrome 56 is now penalising websites with non-secure HTTP connections. Websites requiring users to transmit credit card information and passwords must be using a SHA-2 SSL certificate. If you haven't gotten around to buying (or updating) your certificate, there is simply no reason to put it off any longer. 

Manage your account better with our new activity log feature!

by Daniel - 16.01.2017

EuroDNS strives to make your user experience as efficient and secure as possible. To this end, we’ve just added a feature to help you gain more control of your account. Our new activity log enables you to access a chronological record of all actions taken on your account, providing you with a clear overview of who has accessed it and why.  

3 ways the right TLD will propel your small business’s success

by Daniel - 22.12.2016

Small businesses must work harder to stand out among the Internet giants, to announce to customers their unique ability to provide simpler and more personalised alternatives. The right domain name, one which speaks to a small business's relevance and specialisation, is one way to establish the strong presence it needs to thrive.

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