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Introducing E-mail based Two-Step Verification (TSV): Upgrade Your Account Safety

by EuroDNS

We are excited to introduce a critical enhancement to your account security: our new email-based Two-Step Verification (TSV) system. In an era where cybersecurity threats are not just random but continually evolving, the importance of safeguarding user accounts cannot be disregarded. Learn why this upgrade is more crucial now than ever.

ICANN79 Spotlight: Enhancing GAC Expertise for Better Internet Governance

by Luc

At ICANN79, the spotlight was on enhancing the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) expertise, a pivotal factor for effective global internet governance. This article explores the urgent call for improved knowledge among GAC members to navigate the complexities of internet policy and DNS technologies.

ICANN79: Addressing Fraudulent Domain Registrations - Seeking AGP Policy Reform

by Luc

In the digital age, the integrity of domain name registrations is under threat. Criminals, leveraging stolen payment methods and unauthorized access to customer accounts, are exploiting the system, causing a significant uptick in fraudulent domain registrations. This issue took center stage at the ICANN79 meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where industry stakeholders convened to address the challenges head-on.