Customer Stories

Meet Foozo, the latest delivery service by Grouplunch

by Tonia

If you work in Luxembourg, you have most likely ordered your lunch from the leader in corporate food delivery Grouplunch. But as the pandemic came and firms were forced to work remote, their customers disappeared overnight. For Pierre Pereira da Silva, this turned into an opportunity to create a new brand for the private market. Find out more in our customer feature.

Lifteurop on their tool to monitor lifting systems

by Amélie

We spoke with Christophe Losange, Director of Lifteurop, a Luxembourgish company that specializes in lifting equipment and accessories. He told us about their Alitracer application, a traceability management tool for lifting.

Web agency Done unconventional approach to website management

by Tonia

Customer story: Follow the interview with Thomas Keipes, the CEO and Founder of Luxembourg-based web agency sharing an insight into their unconventional approach to ‘Website as a service’, partnership with inbound leader HubSpot and shift in digital behaviour in the market.

Recruitment agency Konnekt on digitalisation and human resources

by Tonia

Customer Story: Maltese recruitment agency leads with a customer-centric approach and digital transformation. Their COO Lara Camilleri breaks down principles behind their recruitment philosophy and shares insight into the impact and future of one of the hardest-hit sectors post-pandemic.

HR software Talexio brings positive change to organizations

by Tonia

Customer Story: Since its launch in 2009, Malta-based software company has become a leading developer of tailor-made applications for various industries. Their Managing Director and Founder Mark Camilleri Gambin talks about their latest product, a complete HR & Recruitment solution that promises to remove any manual processes and improve employee wellbeing.

UnderTheDoormat opens homes to London NHS workers during global pandemic

by Tonia

Customer Highlight: In 2014, former Shell employee Merilee Karr founded her short-term rental business UnderTheDoormat. The company is now managing over 250 luxury homes across the UK. Find out how this small business remains competitive against industry giants like Airbnb, its plans post COVID-19 and some business advice.