Domain Names - DNS

Ethereum Domains vs. Traditional Domain Names

by Tahmid

Discover how ENS domains, powered by blockchain technology, are revolutionising online identity and ownership, offering enhanced security and simplified cryptocurrency transactions. We also compare the advantages and considerations of both systems, shedding light on their unique features and applications.

How DNSSEC protects your domain from DNS vulnerabilities

by Daniel

The Internet's Domain Name System is facing large-scale attacks. ICANN, the organisation in charge of the DNS infrastructure, is now urging all domain name owners to migrate to DNSSEC to avoid "ongoing and significant" risks. Fortunately, we not only support DNSSEC but also offer other security solutions that compliment it.

Is DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) the best choice for DNS privacy?

by Daniel

The Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) decision to adopt DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) as a standard protocol for sending and receiving DNS queries and responses has many speculating that DoH could be the future of DNS privacy. But many are questioning whether acceptance and adoption of of DoH is the right move. Here's why.

Add DNS Alias and CAA records for more domain name control

by Daniel

Our new DNS infrastructure enables you to access two important record types. CAA records allow domain holders to decide who can issue SSL certificates for a domain name. And Apex Alias provides a way to get around root domain CNAME restrictions. Check out how they work and how you can set them up!

Anycast DNS: blast off with our new premium DNS service!

by Daniel

Now offering Anycast DNS at no additional cost to all our customers! With its reduced latency, built-in DDoS mitigation, and minimised downtimes, you're going to love our new and improved premium DNS service! See what makes Anycast DNS tick, and why it's considered to be the fastest, most reliable DNS option around!

Managed DNS services with Anycast even faster, more robust!

by Daniel

EuroDNS has upgraded its DNS infrastructure! Our managed DNS services are now even faster and more secure, providing you with a better performing, more responsive solution - at no additional cost! See what our migration to a new Anycast DNS infrastructure means for you!