Domain Names - DNS

ICANN's RDRS Launch: A new tool for data disclosure

by Luc

ICANN is launching a new platform, the Registration Data Request System (RDRS), allowing requestors to petition registrars for the disclosure of registrants' contact details that were previously redacted. This platform, set to launch soon, will be voluntary for registrars, and EuroDNS is among the participants.

ICANN Task Force: Challenges in Enhancing Transparency

by Luc

An ICANN task force reviewed the disclosure requirements for ICANN policy development participants but couldn't reach a consensus to enhance transparency obligations. Their recommendations include exemptions for those who believe they have an ethical duty to protect their clients' identity. The call is for ICANN to continue efforts to improve transparency in its multistakeholder model.

Exercise Your Voting Power for a Safer Internet!

by Luc

ICANN recently held its 25th general meeting in Hamburg. The meeting's primary focus was on shaping policies for the Domain Name System (DNS), and significant progress was made in amending accreditation agreements for registrars and registries regarding DNS abuse handling. These amendments require registrars to investigate and act when presented with actionable evidence of DNS abuse. The approval of these amendments depends on the majority vote of ICANN-accredited registrars.

Ethereum Domains vs. Traditional Domain Names

by Tahmid

Discover how ENS domains, powered by blockchain technology, are revolutionising online identity and ownership, offering enhanced security and simplified cryptocurrency transactions. We also compare the advantages and considerations of both systems, shedding light on their unique features and applications.

How DNSSEC protects your domain from DNS vulnerabilities

by Daniel

The Internet's Domain Name System is facing large-scale attacks. ICANN, the organisation in charge of the DNS infrastructure, is now urging all domain name owners to migrate to DNSSEC to avoid "ongoing and significant" risks. Fortunately, we not only support DNSSEC but also offer other security solutions that compliment it.