Your brand protection tools

Protect your brand from counterfeits and monitor the usage of your brand over the Internet. Our protection tools allow you to discover all forms of product piracy across multiple channels and monitor new domain names registrations, whether they are identical or similar to your brand, corporate name or trademark.

Powerful tools for your business

  • Trademark infringement detection and enforcement
  • Counterfeit product detection
  • Monitor new registrations, deleted domains, domain updates
  • Overview of content changes of a homepage
  • Domain owner check
  • Report generation

Anti-counterfeit protection

Detect and remove unauthorized sales and advertisements offering counterfeits of your products on the Internet.

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Online brand protection

Monitor the usage of your brand and trademarks within the domain name system and the web.

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Why should I choose Argos?

Product Protection

Anti-counterfeiting protection features:

  • International counterfeit detection, in all languages and alphabets
  • Intuitive, ergonomic and functional interface
  • Automated learning system
  • Legal services take care of counterfeits removal within the timeframe
  • Compatible with mobile devices

Why should I choose XRay?


Online brand protection features:

  • DNS & SSL-based data sources for domain discovery
  • Multiple keyword variation strategies
  • Handle new security threats related to the pandemic
  • Email-based notifications
  • Analysis on EBRAND 360 platform

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Yes. Our legal team is composed of lawyers and paralegals with an average of over 15 years of experience. To date, we have eliminated more than 6 million infringements for our customers.

Our monitoring tool. Before configuring it, we will define a strategy to determine:

  • Channels to monitor
  • Brands and different keywords
  • Territorial Scope