Feiyue – Flying forward

Feiyue symbolises the dual elevation of both body and mind. China’s iconic brand, now French owned, is currently enjoying a renewed interest with the shoes being worn by worldwide athletes and followers of fashion.

Feiyue literally means “Flying forward”. Feiyue is a brand of shoe, originally produced in China in the 1920s; designed for simplicity, functionality and feel, the canvas shoes were quickly adopted by Chinese martial arts practitioners. Partnerships with graffiti and graphic artists, and fashion designers have made the little canvas shoes the latest ‘must have’.

With plans to launch in Europe, Feiyue struck up a relationship with EuroDNS in 2007.

"We expect a high quality of customer service and a speedy response to all our requests, EuroDNS delivers both beyond our expectations."

Baptiste Bataille
Ecommerce Manager
Feiyue Shoes


Quality is everything at Feiyue, whether it’s with the manufacture of its shoes or the companies it chooses to work with.

"Partnering with the EuroDNS team has brought us a high level of technical expertise and peace of mind; we know our domains are well looked after."

Nicolas Seguy

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