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OX Drive, part of our fully integrated email and productivity software package, is the smart way to store, sync, and share communications across all devices. Manage and access your files from anywhere with OX Drive, the productivity software that works for you.

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Price per month
(Regular price €1.36)
€2.74 €4.57
JPG image (~500KB) ≈10,450 JPG images ≈20,900 JPG images ≈52,400 JPG images
Audio MP3 - 192kbit (~7MB) or ≈730 audio MP3 files or ≈1,460 audio MP3 files or ≈3,650 audio MP3 files
Video file (~150MB) or ≈34 video files or ≈68 video files or ≈170 video files
  • 1 GB = 1024 MB, 1 MB = 1024 KB
  • GB = Gigabyte > MB = Megabyte > KB = Kilobyte

OX Drive apps

Unique, practical OX Drive clients, developed specifically for iOS and Android, adjust to the specifications and limitations of PCs and mobile devices. Upload and download is optimised for individual bandwidth, mobile data, and battery requirements. And cross-device synchronisation occurs whenever changes are made to documents or files.

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