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.INSURANCE is a new domain extension from fTLD Registry Services, LLC. The registry has restricted this domain to certified insurance companies, insurance agents, brokers, and government regulators of insurance companies.

Proxy registrations are not authorised for this extension.

Registry may offer premium domain names that are subject to non-standard registration and renewal fees. Please ask us about pricing for these domain names.

Applicants are required to pass a detailed verification process and we would suggest contacting our sales team if you'd like help with your .INSURANCE domain name registration.

Features & Requirements

Below are a list of the requirements and features for registering a .INSURANCE domain name.

DNSSEC supported
Documentation Required



Protection, trust and security for the global financial community and their customers.

Eligible entities

  • Insurance company
  • Insurance agent/agency, broker/brokerage or other equivalents (e.g., intermediaries, representatives)
  • Insurance holding or parent companies

Other eligible organizations include:

  • Associations or groups of associations whose membership is primarily comprised of the above regulated entities
  • Government regulators of insurance companies, insurance agents/agencies, brokers/brokerages or other equivalents (e.g., intermediaries, representatives) or organizations whose members are primarily comprised of such government regulators (if approved by the fTLD Board)

Eligible domains

  • Registrants may only register domain names that correspond to a trademark, trade name or service mark of the applicant in bona fide use for the offering of goods or services, or provision of information, in the jurisdiction where the applicant is licensed, approved or certified to conduct business.
  • Registrants are not permitted to register a reserved name.
  • Registrants are not permitted to deceive or cause material detriment to a significant portion of the global insurance community, its customers or Internet users. Further and in compliance with the Name Allocation Policy, domain names registered in the Qualified Launch Program and Sunrise periods must exactly match the trademark record in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and have a valid Signed Mark Data file issued by the TMCH.

Registration process

Supporting documents

Registrants will need to provide evidence to verify their eligibility to register a .INSURANCE domain name. This information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Full legal name
  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Business telephone
  • Business email
  • Other proof of identity necessary to establish that the applicant is an eligible member of the insurance community (e.g., business license, certificate of formation, articles of incorporation, corporate operating agreement, charter documents, attorney opinion letter, mission statement for non-profit organisations).
  • For insurance companies, the assigned regulatory ID and government regulatory authority issuing its charter.
  • For agents/agencies, brokers/brokerages and other equivalents (e.g., intermediaries, representatives), the assigned license ID and government regulatory licensing agency issuing its permission to act as an agent/agency, broker/brokerage or other equivalent (e.g., intermediary, representative).

Please note:

  • DNSSEC must be used.
  • Registrants must publish a valid email authentication record (SPF).
  • DNS alias are only permitted to DNS zone under the same secured requirements (no URL forward to a “regular” hostname).
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 or greater must be used.
  • SSL 2.0 and 3.0 are explicitly prohibited.
  • RFC 5746 must be implemented.
  • Please link to the following https://www.ftld.com/policies/ and https://www.ftld.com/security

Premium domain name registration pricing notification

Non-standard domains have non-uniform registration and renewal pricing such that the registration fee for a non-standard domain name registration may differ from the registration fee for a standard domain name registration in the top level domain.

.INSURANCE registry information

Dispute policies

Registry policy

Data Privacy Policy


Discover the registration and expiry dates of a domain name, the contact details and the current registrar and name servers currently being used



Setup fee €180.00
Annual fee€1,857.50
Renewal fee €2,057.50
Update fee Free
Trade fee €27.50
Transfer fee €2,057.50 (1 year extension included)
Reactivation fee No reactivation fee + (Renewal fee)


Minimum length1 characters
Maximum length63 characters
Numbers Allowed (full-numeric)
Hyphen Allowed (middle only)
IDN Not allowed

.INSURANCE Registration Period

Minimum subscription period1 year
Minimum renewal period1 year
Renewal increment1 year
Registration delayn.a
Can be renewed at any timeAllowed
2048-bit Secure Payment

ICANN Accredited Registrar

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