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.KIDS is a new domain extension for all things kids. This unique TLD will indicate that all .KIDS content is safe and kid-friendly. It can target parents, children, organisations, game developers, etc. It will allow children to navigate attractive content in a reliable way. Register your .KIDS domain name.


.Kids Registry Policies

The .kids community gTLD references the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as its guiding principles, and together with child advocacy partners, have put in place a set of .KIDS Guiding Principles, which is operationalized to curb inappropriate material for children on .kids domains. The DotKids initiative understands neverthe-
less, equally, the importance of upholding the right of children to seek, receive and impart age appropriate information and
knowledge through the Internet. As such, a delicate balance must be maintained for the .kids gTLD to avoid prohibitive
registration requirements on one hand, and effective protective measures to respond to abuse on the other.

.KIDS Guiding Principles

As a brief summary, the .KIDS Guiding Principles requires that registrants refrain from illegal and inappropriate materials to be published through a .kids domain, including content with explicit sexuality, violence, substance abuse, profanity, or other matters typically deemed unsuita-ble for children or adolescents, as well as content promoting the consumption of tobacco and alcohol by children (content depicting and suggesting adults consuming alcohol is not a problem), and child labor, trafficking and child soldier. Registrants should also protect the privacy of children visitors to their website and services. A reporting and takedown process will be implemented by the .kids Registry to suspend resolution of .kids domains violating the Guiding Principles. This will be supplemented with an appeals mechanism to allow for reactivation of suspended domains. Note also that the Guiding Principles apply to the domain name string itself as well (i.e. domain names containing profanity terms and words are subject to suspension and deletion).

Besides protective policies, the .kids initiative will also champion a set of Kids-Friendly Content Guide to encourage and advocate for effective and attractive content for kids online.
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Availability phases

2. General Availability (ENDED)

General Availability (GA) is open-ended and it's when everyone can try to register the domain names they want in real time.
For most new gTLDs, we accept pre-orders for the General Availability launch on a first come, first served basis, and our systems will register domains the very second that General Availability begins. We accept only one pre-order per domain name, and you'll receive a full refund should we be unable to secure your domain name.

Setup fee:€0.00
Annual fee:€36.00
Start date:Phase has ended
End date:Phase has ended

1. Sunrise/Trademark holders period (ENDED)

Domains are open for registration by trademark holders who have registered their mark with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Setup fee:€200.00
Annual fee:€36.00
Start date:Phase has ended
End date:Phase has ended

.KIDS registry information

Dispute policies

Registry policy

Data Privacy Policy

Transfer a .KIDS domain name

This transfer process only applies to domain names with the same Owner contact. If you require assistance transferring your domain portfolio, please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

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.KIDS Price

Setup fee None
Annual fee€40.00
Renewal fee €40.00
Update fee Free
Trade fee Free
Transfer fee €40.00 (1 year extension included)
Reactivation fee No reactivation fee + (Renewal fee)

.KIDS Format

Minimum length3 characters
Maximum length63 characters
Numbers Allowed (full-numeric)
Hyphen Allowed (middle only)
IDN Not allowed

.KIDS Registration Period

Minimum subscription period1 year
Minimum renewal period1 year
Renewal increment1 year
Registration delayn.a
Can be renewed at any timeAllowed
2048-bit Secure Payment

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