We offer 1000+ extensions, including country code, generic, and new gTLDs. As a EuroDNS domain reseller, you can have access to all through one simple API call. Once you're a domain reseller you can quickly and easily deploy new domains, increasing the likelihood that your customers’ domain names will be available.

Why become a EuroDNS domain reseller?

Besides giving you over 1000 ways to make a profit, here are some other reasons to become a reseller:

  • Our robust and secure DNS infrastructure provides superior connectivity and redundancy.
  • A domain reseller API that gives direct access to our technology and our products.
  • Full business automation from our domain reseller platform, that integrates with WHMCS.
  • Multilingual account managers and customer care teams.
  • Over a decade of domain experience, winning awards along the way.
  • Long-standing relationships with domain registries round the world.

Options to become a domain name reseller

We have two options if you choose to become a EuroDNS domain reseller. Our own reseller API, and the reseller WHMCS plugin. Domain management functionality in the plugin allows your customers to order and manage domain products easily. It includes real time domain availability checking and name server management.

1. EuroDNS domain reseller API

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - One API, over 1000 TLDs

One API, over 1000 TLDs

Domain registries have different standards and protocols. You can access them all through one standardised API – so much time saved.

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - Improve domain search

Improve domain search

Working with any existing provisioning system, it will increase the likelihood of your customers’ domain names being available.

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - Easy deployment

Easy deployment

Our XML-based API is fully documented and includes a development sandbox so you can test your scripts before launching them on the production server. Take a look at our API documentation.

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - Effortless integration

Effortless integration

Do you want full business automation? Our domain name reseller platform integrates seamlessly with the WHMCS plugin.

API scope

Our domain reseller API is maintained by our experienced development team. It gives you access to every product, feature, and function on our domain platform, including 1000+ domain extensions. Our API is built using open XML-based standards. This means that integrating with your existing domain name search and your provisioning system is easy. You can also search the world’s domain registries, and increase your product range.

API flexibility

The flexibility of our domain reseller API means you can design and build your domain reselling business, as you like. You can integrate it into any website environment and order structure. It won’t conflict with other APIs for domains or domain related products. Our API is used by domain resellers, registrars and hosting companies, all of them wanting to offer their customers as many domain extensions as possible.

2. The domain reseller WHMCS plugin

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - Flexible & scalable

Flexible & scalable

You can customise your business. Install new services, products, markets, and upgrades as and when you need them. Scale up as your business grows.

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - Spend less, make more

Spend less, make more

Automate your order procedure, billing, and collections. It will reduce operation costs, reduce workload, and speed up time to market for a fast profit.

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - Simple technology

Simple technology

A tool that’s quick and simple to install, with all the technical details managed by a third party. Pre-installed ticketing system, knowledge base, and billing management.

Domain reseller – over 1000 ways to make a profit - Ease of use

Ease of use

The fully-featured admin area provides simple but effective customer management. Customers have an intuitive self-service control panel to manage their domain names.

Reseller automation

WHMCS is the market’s most popular solution for domain name reseller automation. It lets you build a professional and fully-automated domain hosting reseller business. It takes little effort and no technical know-how. WHMCS is a customisable management platform for online businesses. It has the functionality to automate your products, pricing, billing, and support.

Using a EuroDNS & WHMCS combo adds power and flexibility to your domain reseller business. You can automate daily operations, leaving you more time to develop your business.

Customer lifecycle

WHMCS processes all domain related orders, registrations, transfers, expiration reminders, and renewals. Both you and your customers can use the bulk domain management function to manage domains in the WHMCS user interface. The WHMCS module works with your business and manages the complete customer lifecycle. It allows you to monitor in the WHMCS admin control panel.


  • Buy, transfer, and renew domains in real time.
  • From quotes to invoices with a single click.
  • Manage name servers.
  • DNS record management.
  • View and update WHOIS information.

Customer focus

Being a WHMCS domain reseller is an excellent way to start reselling domains. It’s quick and requires little technical investment. This solution lets you focus on marketing and selling from day one. We’ll deal with all the technical stuff!

Product expansion

If you’re already a domain name reseller, it’s easy to increase your domain product line. We’ve got a huge range of country code domains and new gTLDs. Fill the gaps in your domain portfolio by adding missing extensions with WHMCS. You’ll get a whole lot more revenue!


WHMCS has the infrastructure you need to start your domain reseller business. It includes a ticketing system, FAQs, administrator interface, and end user control panel. There’s also an automated billing procedure. Take a look at the big list of WHMCS features.

Now you have WHMCS, all you need is a EuroDNS domain account and access to the domain reseller API. You can get access if you email our sales team. Give them the login name of your EuroDNS account and say you’d like to use the API.

Yes, WHMCS provides demo versions for the administrator interface and the end user control panel.

Would you like to test your WHMCS plugin with your EuroDNS account? Get in touch with our sales team and they’ll give you login and password details. Then you’ll be able to enter our API test environment, and have some fun.

Our WHMCS module is compatible with older versions of WHMCS. We test our plugin with every version of WHMCS to ensure compatibility. Bugs are unlikely if you use the latest version at all times. Errors that could occur in older versions are harder to replicate. This means that support issues may take a little longer.

You’ll need specific login details for the domain reseller API, which you can get from our sales team.

After you’ve opened a EuroDNS account, contact our sales team and tell them the login name you’ve chosen. Let the team know that you want to use your WHMCS plugin. Your account will then be connected to our domain reseller API. The dedicated login details they send you can be entered, and you’ll be in!

If you’re not sure how to setup your WHMCS account, we’ve got a Domain reseller installation guide that makes it real simple. It recommends settings that will simplify and automate the daily running of your domain reselling business.

There’re also WHMCS video tutorials for the most important adjustments and settings. Take a look!

via EuroDNS control panel

  • Log in to your EuroDNS account, click on Control Panel.
  • Click on the Account Details in the upper left corner. Renewal Method is bottom right, take your pick!

via WHMCS admin panel

  • Log in to your WHMCS admin panel. Click on the column Setup and select General Settings.
  • Click on the Domain dropdown menu. You’ll find your choices at the top of the page

You can set the renewal method in either WHMCS or your EuroDNS account. Your setting will be changed in both platforms.

via EuroDNS control panel

  • Log in to your EuroDNS account, click on Control Panel.
  • Click on Name Server Profiles under the Domain dropdown menu. Now you can create new name server profiles or edit existing ones.
  • If you’d like a default profile, click on the green tick next to the profile name. The tick is highlighted if the profile is set as default.

via WHMCS admin panel

  • Log in to your WHMCS admin panel. Click on the column Setup and select General Settings.
  • Click on the Domain dropdown menu. You can choose to enter a default name server in the middle of the page.

These settings will apply to all your domain name registrations. If you need to change them, you can do it in either panel. To avoid a conflict when registering domain names, you must select the same default name server in both the EuroDNS and WHMCS control panels.

The EuroDNS domain plugin gives full DNS management functionality to your customers. As admin, you’ll have access to these options if you log in as your customer. Here’s how to do it.

  • Log in to your WHMCS admin panel.
  • Click on the dropdown menu Clients and select View/Search Clients.
  • Choose the client by clicking on the ID, First name, or Last name.
  • Click Log in as Client in the Clients Information area on the left side.
  • Click on the domain name to edit the DNS.
  • In the Management Tools menu, choose DNS Manager.

We’ve a domain reseller installation guide that takes you through the whole setup procedure, or you can contact our sales team.

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