OX Documents

So much more than an email solution. OX Drive with OX Documents, a powerful productivity suite complete with OX Text, OX Spreadsheet, and OX Presentation. Supports all standard file types for seamless editing functionality.

OX Presentation

Whether you work alone or in groups, locally or from a device, OX Presentation provides hassle-free safe sharing, synchronisation, and presentation capabilities. And flexible templates enable you to create quick, consistent page layouts according to your specific needs.

Robust capabilities

With OX Presentation, you have the power to flawlessly integrate PowerPoint documents. You can present locally or remotely to single or multiple locations by simply sharing a login link with your audience. You can even access and edit synchronised content from any device.


OX Presentation’s adaptable templates work with a variety of file types. And easily customisable slides ensure presentation consistency and maintenance. Retain your own distinctive style by including your corporate logo and graphics, or design a unique one-off look.

OX Presenter

Use OX Presenter to broadcast from anywhere. Just click on a presentation file and you’re done. For added convenience, you can even use your mobile device to control presentations, freely moving from mobile to desktop throughout a single presentation.

OX Text

Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with OX Text, an advanced word processor which supports real-time collaboration and document version tracking. OX Text makes available all common Office features and functions, and is compatible with both OpenOffice and MS Office.

No Lock-In

Users can work together in real time to edit documents. Changes are automatically saved whenever anyone stops typing but every document’s original format is maintained even as edits are made. And no lock-in means users can always see what changes have occurred.

Comment and Discuss

OX Text was designed with teamwork in mind. Users can make edits, add comments, or ask question from any device anytime they want. And responses and follow-ups can be made directly through the document. With OX Text, everyone is always on the same page.

Universal Change Tracking

The latest version of any document can be accessed in real-time from any location. Change tracking identifies who has made changes, what changes have been made, and when. All edits made in OX Text are accessible from other editors (like MS Word) and vice versa.

OX Spreadsheet

A cloud-based spreadsheet solution which allows you to access and edit Excel spreadsheets from any device without loss of cell-style, formula, format, or detail. You can even download and reedit spreadsheets in Excel. Nothing will be lost.

Added Value

Add instant value to your work with OX Spreadsheet, one of OX Suite’s most functional features. Complex tasks are made easier to perform thanks to a clean interface and user-friendly sharing capabilities. Shared spreadsheets can be edited on any device!

No More Friction

Creating, editing, and sharing spreadsheets has never been this efficient. OX Spreadsheets improve your team’s capabilities with smart features like carts and array/matrix formulas. And, thanks to a well-designed interface, users can access all tools at a glance.

Mobile Optimised

The whole world has gone mobile! Fortunately, OX Spreadsheet, a cloud-based application, is accessible from all devices, ensuring a seamless workflow. Its responsive design scales spreadsheets to fit all screen sizes which means your work is accessible from anywhere.

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