OX Mail comparison

Our email packages are designed to enhance your experience, not complicate it. Performing simpler tasks? Our Basic package is just what you need. Engaged in standard tasks but want more flexibility? Check out our Advanced package. Require maximum functionality? Our Professional package has it all.

An email package for every need

We offer a variety of email packages because we understand that every user’s needs are different. But no matter which package you select, it will include a host of practical features to make your life easier. From task management tools to built-in anti-virus protection, all of our add-ons are designed to maximise your efficiency and productivity. OX Mail, the only tool you need to stay on top of your day-to-day communications.

Basic email


Advanced email


Professional email


Price per month
(Regular price €1.36)
€2.74 €4.57
Data Storage 5GB (Email only) 20GB 50GB
OX Documents
OX Drive & Client app
OX Sync
OX Calendar
OX Contacts
OX Tasks
Portal interface
Unlimited aliases & catch-all

* Every domain name registered with EuroDNS includes a free Basic email account and a free InstantSSL DV certificate.