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What is the #WeSupportBrands initiative?

The aim of this initiative is bring together both digital and real-life community who empower each other. We are truly proud of our unique and passionate community. Our customers come from different parts of the world, different professions and fields and are thriving every day to fulfil their dreams.

We believe it is now time we use our platform to share your passion with our community.

As part of this, we would like to invite you to unveil your ideas and share your business stories.

Connect with our 300k subscribers on multiple channels and gain brand visibility!

How can my business benefit from this initiative?

This is an opportunity not only to raise your profile but to influence the industry and empower each other. We want to tune into what you are doing, what inspired you, challenges you are facing and what are your ambitions whether you are an aspiring ‘creative’ individual, growing small business or established organization.

It will allow you to communicate about your brand history, products, services and offers while benefiting from our 300k community to reach new customers.

You will be featured in:

  • Our Weekly Newsletter
  • Our Social Media Campaigns
  • A blog article

*This initiative is open to EuroDNS customers only.

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Wp How It Works

If you are interested in sharing about your brand, contact us to express your interest

1. Send us an email ( including the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Business Website
  • Contact Person

2. Our team will reach out to you to set up the schedule for a short 30-minutes remote interview. It will include 10-15 questions about your brand to help us develop the content for publication. This interview can be conducted either in French or in English.

3. We understand you may have limited resources and time, which is why our team will prepare the final publication in-house. We will ask you to share a high resolution photo or video featuring your product and services. All published content will have final review and approval from yourself.



There are no costs or fees associated with this. This initiative is aimed at helping all of our customers to increase their online visibility.

  • Overview and history of the brand / business: How did you start this business? What inspired the idea behind this business? What influenced you? What products or services do you offer? How long has your company been in business? Your key value proposition? What makes you different from competitors?
  • Brand assets including logo, visual supporting products and service offerings
  • Special offer you wish to promote
  • Website link

The features will be developed by our in-house copywriting team.

This may take up between 30 mins to 1 hour of your time to complete the virtual interview plus any additional coordination.