Build your own website

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to build your own website, our drag and drop website builder means your site will be live in minutes. We provide everything you need to build your own website, from the domain name to the web hosting. You can then add the most popular one-click web apps such as WordPress and Drupal. Features include shopping carts, blogs, chats and forums, project management tools, and a big collection of templates and images. One click and publish!

Tools, templates & more

Build your own website - Point and click interface

Point and click interface

Edit your site with the click of a button. Upload content, add plugins, tables and images.

Build your own website - 9500+ starter templates

9500+ starter templates

Thousands of customisable design layouts and templates to build your own website.

Build your own website - Professional image library

Pro image library

A vast library of free stock images, categorised according to industry.

Build your own website - Premium web hosting

Premium web hosting

Unlimited web hosting with no bandwidth or storage limitations.

Unlimited web hosting

Build your own website - Web Hosting

We can also host your site with our fully-featured premium web hosting service. There are no bandwidth quota or storage limits. Your website will be hosted on clustered servers and stored in a tier IV data centre, guaranteeing maximum performance.


One-click install web apps

You can add extra functionality to your website in seconds, with popular web apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. The web apps we offer include tools for invoicing, analytics, blogging, forums, customer management, live chat, e-commerce, project management, and galleries.

All the software installations are pre-optimised for performance on your server. There’s no complicated download to worry about, plus no technical setup. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to creating websites, our one-click web apps will save you time and stress. 

Blogging tools

Build your own website - WordPress


The most popular blogging platform that’s real easy to use. Beginners and webmasters can create beautiful website and blogs.

  • With add-ons, it becomes a fully-featured CMS.
  • Focussed on versatility, aesthetics, and web standards. 
  • Upload and edit content with an easy to use admin panel.
  • Comment tool with discussion moderating feature.
  • Large online community of experts and WordPress developers.
  • Customise the look of your blog with professional templates.
  • SEO friendly plugins.
Build your own website - B2evolution


A web app to create your blog that includes all the features of traditional blogging tools.

  • File & photo management.
  • Versatile templates.
  • Advanced skinning.
  • Multiple languages.

Content management

Build your own website - Joomla


An easy to use and reliable CMS web app that allows you to build your own website and publish in minutes. The customisable templates let you design your site to suit your style. A prized CMS with an active support community.

Build your own website - Drupal


Another popular CMS but a little more technical. You can build your own website using preconfigured design templates and add-on modules. Drupal includes features to enable CMS, blogs, collaborative authoring, newsletters, forums, and image galleries.

Build your own website - Geeklog


A PHP/MySQL based application for managing live feed websites. It’s a blog engine or CMS open source solution and is both highly secure and adaptable. Plugins include forums and image galleries.

Build your own website - TYPO3


A CMS allowing you to build and maintain your own website. It’s great for complex sites, using embedded modules and functions. You will be able to manage multiple websites from a single installation, sharing content, and users.

Build your own website - XOOPS


A tool to build your own website, large or small. It’s a customisable CMS with a library of themes, styles, and modules. You’ll be able to update your site with the click of a button.

Build your own website - Mambo


An easy to install PHP/MySQL CMS application. It has a comprehensive admin panel offering customisation tools and templates. Use it to design e-commerce websites, galleries, and forums.

Build your own website - Owl


A multi-user CMS environment for the storage of documents and files that you’d like to publish on the web. It has a user-friendly interface and is ideal for individuals and businesses.

Build your own website - Tiki Wiki

Tiki Wiki

A CMS application with built-in features that allow you to create several blogs on your website. You can synchronise your forum with your mailing list and keep your website current.

Build your own website - PhpWiki


A Wiki-based CMS for simple site development. You will be able to create content and invite visitors to edit and post comment. It’s ideal for collaborating on project documentation.

E-commerce & project management

Build your own website - Magento


Build a professional online store with flexible and user friendly Magento. Its features include order management, flexible pricing, single page checkout and shipping.

Build your own website - osCommerce


Sell and market on a global scale with this e-commerce tool that includes an out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality

Build your own website - osTicket


A support ticket system that works with your existing website, delivering queries via email, web forms, and phone. Access anytime and anywhere to deliver fast customer support.

Build your own website - Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker

A system that tracks software defects, and allows multiple users to interact and manage projects at the same time. It offers a simple user experience with customisable issue pages.

Build your own website - PhProjekt


An application suite designed to coordinate group activities, Plus the sharing of information and documents. It includes group calendars, a request tracker, and file management.

Build your own website - XRMS CRM


A suite of business applications designed to reconcile sales, products, and marketing data. Plus it helps with the management of employees, customers, and prospects.

Build your own website - BBClone


Web counter written in PHP providing data about visitors to your site. Data collected includes IP address, browser, page visits, and search queries.

Build your own website - Advance Guestbook

Advance Guestbook

Visitors to your website can post comments in your guestbook. Features include preview, templates, picture upload, and email notification.

Chat tools and galleries

Build your own website - Help Center Live

Help Center Live

A community driven live chat and support solution designed so you can talk with your customers in real time.

Build your own website - Crafty Syntax Live Help

Crafty Syntax Live Help

CSLH is a live customer support application that lets you provide real time help for visitors to your site.

Build your own website - phpBB


Open source forum or bulletin board application allowing you to talk with your audience. It includes style and image databases for full customisation.

Build your own website - Simple Machines® Forum

Simple Machines® Forum

SMF is an online community forum allowing your site visitors to communicate with ease. A template database offers customisation of your message board.

Build your own website - Coppermine


Intelligent and user friendly image management software, allowing multiple users to categorise, customise and share picture galleries.

Build your own website - Gallery v2

Gallery v2

Gallery v2 is photo management and manipulation software that lets you build and maintain your photo albums.