100+ Free Professional WordPress Themes by Jetpack

Since our managed WordPress hosting comes with a full Jetpack integration, you have access to hundreds of professional themes for your website. From blogs to businesses, we've got everyone's website needs covered.

Find your perfect WordPress theme

These themes are divided over several categories to help you find your perfect theme. Most themes are also optimized for use with mobile devices, meaning your visitors can easily access your valuable content and buy your products or services from anywhere on any device. Oh, you can easily switch between different themes, without touching any of your content. So, feel free to try a few different themes without any risk of losing your data. These themes come in different styles, layout or features. Just have a look, pick your favorite and get started with our managed WordPress hosting solution.

Verity Pro WordPress Theme

Portfolio WordPress themes

If you are an artist, photographer or just someone that wants to show pictures or photos of your work, then you may find a great theme in the portfolio category.

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Sample WordPress theme: Verity Pro

Blog WordPress themes

When creating a blog, you want to make sure your content is easy to access and your blog stands out from all the other blogs out there. Whatever the subject of your blog, with the Jetpack WordPress themes you will find the right theme for your website.

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Sample WordPress theme: IPPO

Ippo WordPress Theme

Dyad2 Rd

Beginner WordPress themes

On top of this, Jetpack has a number of themes that are especially useful for new WordPress users, since they are easier to implement and to get started. You can later always change to another theme, without having to worry about migrating all your data. Switching from one theme to another is made with one simple click, without any risk attached with the built in preview feature before publishing.

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Sample WordPress theme: Dyad 2

Magazine Wordpress themes

Are you creating a magazine style website? Then we have a great theme for you as well. Customize it so it perfectly matches your requirements for all aspiring online publications.

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Sample WordPress theme: Adaline

Adaline WordPress theme

Appetite WordPress Theme

Business WordPress themes

Whether your business needs to have a solid online presence or if you need your website for ecommerce purposes, the available WordPress themes offer a wide support. purposes for the business customers and for all types of business, from a restaurant to a real estate company or to an accountancy firm. Oh, and don’t forget that we have some interesting new domain extensions to match your business.

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Sample WordPress theme: Appetite

Customisation of WordPress themes

Most WordPress themes have various options to customize the theme to your wishes. The most common customization options are:

  • Header image
  • Blog title and description
  • Logo
  • Background image
  • Website colors (text, background, links, etc.)
  • Menus
  • Widgets (of which there are several available, with different purpose)

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WordPress Customisation
Illus Prod Hosting Jetpackwp

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