Done Agency - Website As a Service

Luxembourg based web agency offers All-in-One website development and management services. The agency works with businesses to set up their online presence and manages the entire development, its ongoing update and maintenance. The growth-driven design approach aims at delivering a website that is flexible and scalable to allow for quick responses to changes in the business environment, customer demands and technological trends.

“In relation to brand growth, we go on a path of choosing good domain names and securing them early, even with only potential clients, to ensure brand safety and also image and spam prevention.“

As one of the biggest web agencies in Luxembourg, Done is committed to educating their clients on the latest digital marketing trends and to bringing innovative technology.

Done Agency Founder


“We have had a great experience with EuroDNS! We appreciate the interface and the logical construction of the admin functions which a lot of providers are missing.
In choosing a domain and hosting provider what is important for us is reliability with well-engineered, planned, and developed tools for DNS management or hosting management, as well as good or even great support and also, in times like these, a good price. EuroDNS represents this at its fullest.
Definitely likely to recommend EuroDNS services, as I do it all the time.”

Thomas Keipes
Founder and CEO Done Agency

Read a story behind the website development agency Done based in Luxembourg in the interview with the Founder & CEO Thomas Keipes.