Foozo - More than just home delivery service

Luxembourg based Foozo is home delivery service born as a result of the global pandemic crisis, with the mission to provide high-quality products from local boutiques and shops and restaurant meals to private households. Pierre Pereira Da Silva, who founded a leading corporate lunch delivery service Grouplunch, is bringing the same technology and business principles to his new venture. From innovation behind product conditioning to highly competitive pricing including no delivery fees, are just a few reasons behind these brands success.


"Our strategy regarding trademark and brand protection is a traditional approach, our brands are protected under EUIPO. For domains, we have a conservative approach with market leaders. Reliability is the most important element for us when choosing a domain and hosting provider.
Two main reasons why we chose EuroDNS: reliability and market presence. Cost is much less important. Very little downtime (or even zero downtime, I think). We go very conservative on those matters, EuroDNS is a reference in this market in Luxembourg. I have recommended their services many times and will keep doing so as long as we have a positive experience, which was invariably the case so far."

Pierre Pereira Da Silva
Founder and CEO of Grouplunch and Foozo Luxembourg.

Read a story behind the home delivery service provider Foozo based in Luxembourg in the interview with the Founder & CEO Pierre Pereira Da Silva.