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Since its launch in 2009, Malta-based software company preeo.software has become a leading developer of tailor-made applications for business across various industries. Their Managing Director and Founder Mark Camilleri Gambin talks about their latest product talexio.hr, a complete Human Resources and Recruitment solution that promises to remove any manual processes and improve employee wellbeing.

As a software development company, Mark and Preeo Software team worked with clients across different industries looking to build a custom platform to improve their internal processes. Since 2015 the team worked on building various tailor-made web-based solutions in the Human Resources area which led to Talexio. Working directly with HR managers who faced various challenges in recruitment and HR management like ineffective and manual processes and poor data management, the team looked for ways to make the process as easy as possible.

“When dealing with all HR managers in different businesses, we felt the pain that they were having with their HR management systems. From there was a natural progression to Talexio.”

Today Talexio is a complete payroll, HR & recruitment software that aims to automate the most mundane processes for HR managers and simultaneously enables them to maximise the wellbeing of their employees throughout their lifetime at the organisation from having clear recruitment, complete onboarding experience to ongoing HR activities. It is a platform “Set up by HR professionals, for HR professionals”

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“We registered these domains because I think they are cooler. For our parent brand, we use preeo.software domain to highlight the technology niche, I think there's that fun factor that makes you a bit unique. The.com one is highly saturated. Sometimes it is so hard to find the name that makes sense for you that someone has not bought already.
Now for example for the banking industry, there is legislation that is going to recommend that they use .bank as a domain extension. It's more specific and accurate.”

Mark Camilleri Gambin

Read a story behind Malta-based HR & Recruitment Software company Talexio in the interview with the Founder & Managing Director Mark Camilleri Gambin. Their goal is to provide the most complete and integrated HR solution available in the world and the vision to bring a positive change through technology.