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.FILM is a new domain extension for all that's related to moving images - cinema, television, flicks, movies, video, DVDs, YouTube, Vine, etc. Do you enjoy the old black and white silent movies, or the technicolour talkies? Do 3D films float your boat? Do you regret the failure of Smell-O Vision? If you're in the global entertainment industry, mad about the movies, working behind the camera, or running film courses - the .FILM domain extension is going to be an Oscar winner for your website. Register now!

The .FILM domain extension does have some registration requirements, please check them out before registering your .FILM domain name, or give us a call if you'd like some help.

Features & Requirements

Below are a list of the requirements and features for registering a .FILM domain name.

Domain Privacy Allowed
DNSSEC supported


.FILM is a new domain extension intended for the global film industry. To support the mission of this new extension, the .FILM registry asks that registrants satisfy criteria A & B, or criteria A & C.

Criteria A – a member of film association or body

A member of at least one of the associations, bodies or unions listed in Associations, Bodies and Unions Eligible for Registration. The .FILM registry may update the list from time to time.

Criteria B – closely connected

Able to demonstrate a close connection with the domain name being registered, for instance the domain name may be:

  • a name that includes, or is derived from the registrant’s organisation or personal name; or
  • goods or a service that the registrant provides; or
  • an event that the registrant organises; or
  • a profession that the registrant, or its employees, practice.

If the domain name is the personal/professional name of a person, such as an actor, registration is not permitted without that person’s consent.

Criteria C – rights holder of a film title

If the domain name being applied for is an exact match of a film title, the registrant must be the rights holder of the applied for film title. These rights may include:

  • Screenplay or a screenwriter’s rights;
  • Production rights; and/or
  • Distribution rights.

A service provider or agent of a film title rights holder shall not be considered eligible for the purposes of this policy.

Continuing eligibility

If the registrant no longer meets the eligibility requirements of the extension, the .FILM registry asks that the registrant contacts the registrar (EuroDNS) as soon as possible. Contact must be made within 14 calendar days of becoming ineligible, to ask that the domain name be cancelled, locked, placed on hold, transferred, or deleted.

Please note:

The .FILM registry may take certain steps to confirm whether a registrant meets the requirements described in its policy. Registrants may be asked to provide documentation to prove compliance and eligibility. The registrant must respond to the request within 14 calendar days. Failure to respond within the 14 days may result in suspension or deletion of the domain name by the registry.

The .FILM registry may cancel, lock, place on hold, transfer, or delete the domain name if:    

  • the registrant does not meet the eligibility requirements described in this policy; or
  • the domain name does not respect the mission and purpose of the .FILM extension.

.FILM registry information

Dispute policies

Registry policy

Transfer a .FILM domain name

This transfer process only applies to domain names with the same Owner contact. If you require assistance transferring your domain portfolio, please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

 Transfer a .film


Discover the registration and expiry dates of a domain name, the contact details and the current registrar and name servers currently being used


.FILM Price

Setup fee None
Annual fee€110.00
Renewal fee €110.00
Update fee Free
Trade fee Free
Transfer fee €110.00 (1 year extension included)
Reactivation fee No reactivation fee + (Renewal fee)

.FILM Format

Minimum length3 characters
Maximum length63 characters
Numbers Allowed (full-numeric)
Hyphen Allowed (middle only)
IDN Not allowed

.FILM Registration Period

Minimum subscription period1 year
Minimum renewal period1 year
Renewal increment1 year
Registration delayn.a
Can be renewed at any timeAllowed
2048-bit Secure Payment

ICANN Accredited Registrar

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