Free Alpha SSL certificate with every domain name

We give you a free SSL certificate (non-wildcard) with every domain name registered with or transferred to us. It's yours for as long as the name remains with us. If at any time you need a stronger level of protection, you can upgrade your SSL to Domain, Organisation, or Extended Validation.

What level of security does the Alpha SSL certificate bring?

Free Alpha SSL certificate with every domain name - SSL level of security

Alpha SSL brings basic security for a single domain name. It'll support both www and non-www versions. The automated application process will issue your SSL certificate in minutes. As with all our certificates, Alpha SSL works with all the leading browsers and mobile devices. It has 2048-bit issuing authority and the SHA-2 hashing algorithm. The outdated SHA-1 certificates are now vulnerable to hacking and an alert message will appear in most browsers if a certificate has SHA-1. You can read more about it here - SHA-1 SSL certificates compromised – upgrade to SHA-2 now!

How will visitors know I have an SSL certificate?

Free Alpha SSL certificate with every domain name - How visitor know I have SSL

The Alpha SSL certificate adds a padlock icon to your browser bar and https:// to your URL. You’ll also receive a site seal that you can place on your website. Visitors can then click the site seal to reveal the status of your certificate.

Is it really a free SSL certificate?

Free Alpha SSL certificate with every domain name - Free SSL certificate

Many companies talk about securing the Internet, but at EuroDNS we’re putting words into action. All our customers get a free Alpha SSL certificate with each domain name. This means they can secure their data and that of their customers. We partnered with GlobalSign to provide our SSL certificates. It's one of the most renowned Certificate Authorities in the world. Whilst it continues to provide us with this service, under the current terms, we’ll be giving you free Alpha SSL certificates.

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