Give your small business the European visibility with a .EU domain name

Your domain name is an essential part of your online identity and speaks volumes about who you are, what you do and who you target. With a popular domain extension like .EU, your brand will echo both reliability and quality but also attract customers across Europe.

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Why choose .EU?

Portray the right image

.EU communicates exactly who you are, what your values are and what you promise the customers.

Expand your market reach

.EU gives you access to a market of 500+ million people across 27 countries.

Inspire trust and reliability

.EU means made in Europe. Consumers worldwide trust European standards, its reliability and quality.

Take your small local business onto the European scene

Your small business is thriving in the local domestic market and now considering taking it global? One of the first steps to breaking into a new market is to get the right domain name that speaks to your global presence.


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Yes! A .EU domain name is a popular and versatile extension and a great alternative to .COM.

You can register a .EU domain for a minimum period of 1 year. If you have opted-in for automatic renewal, it will renew for the same period you have registered it for.

Annual fee: €7.28

Renewal fee: €18.19

Transfer fee: €18.19 (1-year extension included)

Yes, we inform you before the domain is set to expire, so you can renew your domain without the risk of losing it. If you set your domain for automatic renewal, you don't even have to worry at all.

*The promotion price is valid for the first year. For the renewal after one year the regular price applies.