Top 10 killer e-commerce marketing tips for small business growth

by Guest

E-commerce is a massive industry that is only getting bigger. More people buy the things they need online than ever before, which has created massive competition in the small e-commerce business world. Small businesses need to know how to market themselves properly if they want to survive. This blog offers marketing tips for them.

How businesses can go green to stay ahead of the competition

by Guest

The requirements for businesses to incorporate environmental practices and to report these initiatives are growing. For your existing and future customers, as well as investors, companies that are clearly showing how they are 'going green' is becoming more and more important to stay ahead of your competition moving forward.

6 lead nurturing strategies for your e-commerce business

by Guest

This article looks at six lead nurturing strategies for eCommerce businesses. These strategies are email and content marketing, multichannel lead nurturing, leads follow-up and scoring, and sales and marketing alignment. Through these strategies, eCommerce businesses can better guide leads in their buying journey and convert them.

Namespace / EuroDNS announces acquisition of moving internet group

by Tonia

Luxembourg, November 18, 2022 — Namespace / EuroDNS enhances its hosting solutions through the acquisition of a leading German hosting group, moving internet operating as The acquisition will support our clients with a highly efficient and reliable hosting platform with a full range of solutions for their online presence.

WordPress skills you need and how it impacts your career

by Guest

It’s always a good idea to make your skillset more useful to employers. Developing skills that will help you contribute to website construction and enhancement can offer serious career benefits. You could do an awful lot worse than to add WordPress toolbox. We’ll see exactly what developing WordPress skills can look like, before assessing the impact they can have on your career prospects.