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How to hack and create quirky, memorable domain names

by Meg - 26.03.2014

Domain hacks are domain names that use extensions such as .US and .ES to create a word, phrase or brand. Some well known examples you may have seen are,,, and Fun, quirky and memorable – but are they for you?

Please help me, I just received a trademark claims notice...

by Meg - 21.03.2014

A trademark claims notice is a warning sent to you if the domain name you're trying to register matches a trademark registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse. Trademark infringement is scary stuff, but if you receive a trademark claims notice it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get the name you want, or worse - a pack of hungry lawyers at your door (Sorry Luc). In many cases the rights being claimed are concerning a trademark limited to a particular industry or product, or to a certain jurisdiction. Let me explain...

Why you must consolidate your domain names. Here's how...

by Meg - 28.02.2014

Having your domain names registered with lots of different registrars is a pain. Email coming from several registrars, renewals, expiry dates, requests to transfer, unauthorised changes... you're putting your domain names at risk. How do you stay on top? Consolidate your domain names with a single registrar, here's how... 

ICANN's contact validation policy explained

by Meg - 07.02.2014

ICANN, the guys who look after the Internet, have recently introduced a new policy. It concerns contact validation and it's designed to remind customers once a year to check and update their contact information. As an ICANN accredited registrar we're authorised to sell domain names, which means there are rules to follow. This article explains what you have to do when you receive a contact validation email.

Why we're sending claims check notification email & what to do

by Meg - 31.01.2014

The new domain extensions have brought not only exciting choices for domain names, but also new procedures. One of these is the new claims check notification email; this article explains why we’re sending these email and what to do if you receive one.

How to get your website up and running with web hosting

by Meg - 28.01.2014

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, you then need to create your website. You want it to be fast and reliable so choosing the right web hosting provider is important. Web hosting provides a place to store all the files that make up your website; with access to them via your domain name. If you have your domain names registered with a company offering web hosting, it make sense to use them. We've a web hosting service with unlimited storage and unlimited traffic, take a look…