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.COM unavailable? See why .ONLINE is a smart alternative!

by Daniel - 15.06.2017

Since its launch in 2015, .ONLINE has ascended the ranks to become one of the most sought after gTLDs in the world. Registered in over 230 countries, .ONLINE has experienced incredible traction, becoming a true star of the new gTLD programme. Learn why this intuitive, easy-to-remember domain name has become so popular.

gTLDs, your email address, and the fight for universal acceptance

by Luc - 24.04.2017

Dated software and hardware is unable to recognise new generic top level domains (gTLDs) which can cause big problems if you're using one in your email address. But here's an important step consumers and registrars can take together to fight for Universal Acceptance of gTLDs, especially with regards to their use in email addresses. 

3 ways the right TLD will propel your small business’s success

by Daniel - 22.12.2016

Small businesses must work harder to stand out among the Internet giants, to announce to customers their unique ability to provide simpler and more personalised alternatives. The right domain name, one which speaks to a small business's relevance and specialisation, is one way to establish the strong presence it needs to thrive.

Le Rendez-Vous – UEFA EURO 2016… good luck guys!

by Meg - 10.06.2016

EURO 2016 has kicked off and the level of excitement in our office is reaching fever pitch. Here’s a topical (ish) post. How many domains can be used to illustrate The Beautiful Game? I’m not gonna lie, it’s full of blatant hard sell and dodgy puns – hey, it’s my job…

The new gTLDs – any true success stories or just numbers?

by Meg - 30.05.2016

The new gTLDs began launching in 2013. A steady trickle continues, with some still in contention whilst applicants battle for ownership. A second launch is planned, the year 2020 being the latest target. So, did the new gTLDs take over the world? Should .COM feel threatened? Is Elvis still King?

Small but powerful - the new domains with real authority!

by Meg - 07.01.2016

Will they challenge .COM? Not in volume, but in effect, yes. Not because they’re more descriptive, memorable, or cheaper (generally, they’re not). But with strict registration requirements and continued monitoring, these new domains are safe. Only apply if you can comply...

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