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Please help me, I just received a trademark claims notice...

by Meg - 21.03.2014

A trademark claims notice is a warning sent to you if the domain name you're trying to register matches a trademark registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse. Trademark infringement is scary stuff, but if you receive a trademark claims notice it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get the name you want, or worse - a pack of hungry lawyers at your door (Sorry Luc). In many cases the rights being claimed are concerning a trademark limited to a particular industry or product, or to a certain jurisdiction. Let me explain...

Are you ignoring the new domain extensions? Consider this...

by Meg - 27.02.2014

Will they or won’t they succeed? Opinion is divided and it’s way too early to answer this question with any degree of accuracy. Have you adopted a wait & see attitude or is it your intention to grab your domain names whilst availability is so good? If you're watching and waiting, consider this…

.JETZT is so now! We asked the New TLD Company why...

by Meg - 19.02.2014

The New TLD Company is a registry with a mission; they want to saturate the German speaking market with their new domain extension, .JETZT. It translates in English as ‘now’, and will open up new ways to find and share information. I met with Jonas Cederfjäll, the registry's CEO.

The Wizard of on domains, SEO & Super Bowl

by Meg - 10.02.2014 (formerly known as SEOMoz) combines analytical marketing tools with a vibrant online community of over one million digital marketeers. In addition to educating the masses and changing the way we think about search, they also have a  totally transparent company philosophy which sits between genius & crazy. We were lucky enough to catch-up with co-founder, former CEO and now the official Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin. This is what happened:

Why we're sending claims check notification email & what to do

by Meg - 31.01.2014

The new domain extensions have brought not only exciting choices for domain names, but also new procedures. One of these is the new claims check notification email; this article explains why we’re sending these email and what to do if you receive one.

How the Early Access Program from Donuts works

by Meg - 30.01.2014

Whenever a new domain extension is launched it usually follows a sequence of launch phases, starting with Sunrise, then Landrush, and ending with the open-ended General Availability. Donuts, the registry for hundreds of new domain extensions has chosen to replace the Landrush period with something called the Early Access Program or EAP. This article explains how the Early Access Program works and what it means for you.