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8 social media tips for small businesses to stay competitive in 2020

by Amélie - 30.03.2020

Your competitors and customers (actual and potential) are everywhere on social media. And that sounds about right, since social media are the most effective way to communicate with your audience today. They can help increase your brand awareness and traffic, as well as conversion rates. Do you want to invest in a marketing strategy in 2020? Here's where to start with our 8 social media tips for small businesses.

100% free & full-featured trial version of Microsoft Teams for 6 months

by Amélie - 20.03.2020

As part of the measures taken by a number of governments and public authorities to deal with the epidemic of Coronavirus, COVID-19, we have set up an initiative to best support companies in the deployment of solutions facilitating teleworking and allowing them to pursue their activities. This entirely free 6-month trial initiative is valid for all customers and it is not linked to any purchase obligation.

Google's mobile-first index update: preparing your website

by Daniel - 05.06.2019

Google will soon make mobile-first indexing the default. Google will mobile-first index all new websites right out of the gate, and offer existing sites assistance with becoming mobile-index ready. What this indexing update means and why having a mobile-friendly website has never been so important.

Reseller programme update: domains, hosting, SSL, and more!

by Daniel - 03.06.2019

There's never been a better time to be a EuroDNS reseller! Take a look at these important improvements and updates we've introduced to our reseller programme. Every resource you need to access domain names, web hosting, and SSL certificates so your reseller business is a thriving success!

DDoS protection: cybersecurity solutions to mitigate risks

by Daniel - 28.05.2019

New research indicates that sustained Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks have increased significantly in the first quarter of this year. Given this dramatic increase, DDoS protection is needed now more than ever. Here are the cybersecurity solutions you need to mitigate DDoS risks.

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