1000s of rubber ducks released into the wild in Luxembourg!

It’s the end of April and last weekend in Luxembourg we enjoyed sun, rain, wind, snow, and rubber ducks. Crazy I know, snow at this time of year. The rubber ducks? Oh that’s quite normal in the Grand Duchy… 

Duck Race 2016

The Round Table in Luxembourg, presumably after a tipple or two, came up with the wacky idea of holding an annual rubber duck race to raise money for charity. Crazy idea or not, it’s been taking place for the last 15 years and it’s still going strong.

Those who take part sponsor a duck and if it wins, there are prizes to be had. First prize this year is a car, with plenty of other cool prizes for the runners-up, such as an electric bike, dinner for two, shopping vouchers, concert tickets, and more bubbles, of course.

The government drops from a great height

On the day, 15,000 yellow rubber ducks belly-flopped from a great height into the Pétrusse river. This year Prime Minister Xavier Bettel had the honour of dropping the ducks, and a fine job he did.

3, 2, 1, and they’re off

The ducks raced down the river, cheered on by an over-excited crowd of spectators clutching their Mettwurst and fries. It’s a totally surreal day, made more so by copious bubbles and beer on tap.

Duck Race supports charities

All the profits from the day go to charity. This year the chosen charities were:

  • Caritas Luxembourg – fighting poverty and social exclusion, plus the promotion of human development and social justice.
  • L’Association Thérapie Équestre – equine assisted therapy offers children and adults with mental or physical disabilities, emotional or behavioural problems a safe place to work through issues of fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and poor communication. Teaching vulnerable people how to work and communicate with horses, helps inter-personal relationships.
  • Hëllef fir Puppelchen – providing care for children with developmental delays, disabilities, or behavioural problems.

It was a fun day and yes, everyone goes totally quackers (groan).

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