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Fill your stein and grab a frankfurter, for today we celebrate the launch of our website in German! It’s a big day in the EuroDNS office and after all the hard work we'd like to introduce you to our website in triplicate - English, French and German. Here’s how it all began…

New EuroDNS website launched

Initially we launched a brand spanking new English-language website with an improved layout, simplified navigation, and a funky new look.

We then began creating the French-language version. Work was ongoing and during the translation we introduced more informative product pages, filtered searches for all domains including the new domain extensions, and a new and improved help in English and help in French.

EuroDNS website in English, French & German

Following the successful launch of the French version, we started working on our German website. In the meantime we:

  • Introduced two-step verification as an added layer of protection to safeguard your account with all your personal information and prevent hackers from hijacking your domain names.
  • We added our brand new WHOIS domain privacy feature, which allows you to hide your personal information and protect against identity theft, spammers and scammers.
  • We went from offering 400+ domains to well over 500, with this amazing total growing week by week with the launch of new domain extensions.
  • EuroDNS was awarded the “Made in Luxembourg” label which certifies that we're 100% Luxembourgish and that we meet the Grand Duchy’s high level of excellence.

We’ve always spoken German!

Even before we launched our German-language website we were fluent, offering a large collection of geographic and generic German domains.

.DE | .CO.DE | .COM.DE | .DE.COM



Take a look at our new German website and if you see anything that’s not quite right or you have any suggestions, please let us know.

England, France, Germany, the world!

Well, not quite but we are currently working on translating the website into Spanish. Big hugs to all those involved in this project, excellent job!

Yes, this blog post is in English, rather ironic considering its content. Dependent on demand, we'd love to publish our newsletter in German, French, and eventually Spanish. So fingers crossed and watch this space!

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