Price change for additional Domain Extensions as of 7th October 2023

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The registry handling these multiple TLDs will apply a price change as of 7th October 2023. And accordingly, we will also adjust our own pricing. Please read the following information for further updates.

We have important news to share regarding our domain registry services.

As of 7th October 2023 there will be price increases on certain domain extensions. These changes stem from the registry themselves and then are adjusted by us to keep the prices competitive. These changes are necessary to sustain the quality of our services and facilitate further enhancements. We assure you of our commitment to transparency and urge you to take advantage of the current pricing before the change.

The following TLDs are subject to changes in price

Domain ExtensionNew Retail Price
.jp170,00 €
.sg92,50 €
.mx78,00 €
.ae97,00 €
.com.sg90,00 €
.in30,00 €
.com.mx55,00 €
.aero90,00 €
.com.br135,00 €
.co.in23,00 €
.am85,00 €
.ws39,00 €
.af115,00 €
.name18,00 €
.la45,00 €
.ng166,00 €

Please feel free to contact our support team to address any inquiries you may have.

Thank you for your loyalty, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with a seamless domain registration experience.

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