Author: Tahmid

Understanding the creator economy

by Tahmid

Once upon a time, a handful of prominent media conglomerates, music labels, and publishers held exclusive control over the connection between creators and their fans. They dictated who and what the audience would see, while exerting significant financial influence over creators and their content. However, over the past decade, a fresh and digitally native landscape has emerged, granting creators the power to become their own publishers. This transformation was driven by platforms such as Twitch, Patreon, and TikTok, which democratised content distribution and enabled creators to directly engage with their audiences.

Why and how a newsletter can benefit your brand

by Tahmid

Our blog delves into the significance of crafting and maintaining a newsletter. Ever wondered why your competitors are all about email newsletters? What's the payoff for their email campaigns? Are they boosting sales, or laying the groundwork for future expansion?

Turns out, a precisely aimed and content-rich newsletter can do both: fuel sales and enhance brand value. Considering the lasting advantages of a weekly or monthly newsletter, and the cost-effectiveness it brings, you might be considering launching one for your small business. Here's a lowdown on how to get started.

Contactless Commerce - Redefining the shopping experience

by Tahmid

The pandemic put customer retail experiences to the ultimate test. Fitting rooms, contact with retail agents, cash payments, and in-store product testing were all impacted. Now that the world economy has reopened, retailers have realised the importance of faster, safer, and improved in-store and online experiences that preserve the essence of closeness and interactivity with products, agents, and the store environment. This is where cutting-edge digital technologies come into play, ushering in the era of "contactless commerce" - enabling new, innovative ways of shopping.

Price change for eight TLDs from 1st August 2023

by Tahmid

The registry handling these 8 TLDs will apply a price change as of 1st August 2023. And accordingly, we will also adjust our own pricing. Please read the following information for further updates.

The rise of social commerce and livestream shopping

by Tahmid

In our latest blog, we dive into the revolutionary world of livestream shopping and its profound impact on small businesses. Uncover how social commerce and real-time engagement are transforming the way customers shop and interact online. Discover the allure of live streaming for Gen Z and millennial shoppers, and explore how you can leverage this dynamic trend to propel your small business to new heights.

Email cloud suite: email that works for you

by Tahmid

Make your business personal with our new email and collaboration cloud suite. With personalised branded emails through to cross team collaborative tools - the new email package from EuroDNS is tailor made to assist you at every stage of your business journey.