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How Remote Work is Shaping Startups in 2024

by Guest

In this article, we delve into the evolution of remote work and its impact on startups - from the great resignation to mastering remote skills, effective team communication, and how startups are adapting for remote employees. What does this mean for your work-life balance and career growth? Find out inside.

12 useful tips & tricks to benefit from Microsoft Teams

by Amélie

You’ve just decided to subscribe to Microsoft Teams but you could use a little help to get the best out of your new communication platform? Keep on reading to learn what are the best tips and tricks of this amazing communication hub.

100% free & full-featured trial version of Microsoft Teams for 6 months

by EuroDNS

As part of the measures taken by a number of governments and public authorities to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic, we have set up an initiative to best support companies in the deployment of solutions facilitating teleworking and allowing them to pursue their activities. This entirely free 6-month trial initiative is valid for all customers and it is not linked to any purchase obligation*.

3 hidden benefits of Microsoft Teams platform

by Tonia

Microsoft Teams platform has become an irreplaceable tool in today’s diverse and mobile work environment since it was launched in 2017. Learn about 3 ways Microsoft Teams has benefited over half a million businesses around the world.