See country code domain extensions expand your online world

by Daniel - 22.11.2016

Whether you’re a startup or an established business looking to gain more online traction, there’s no question that registering the right ccTLD (country code domain extension) will bring you numerous advantages. With an ever expanding list of ccTLDs available, you’re sure to find one, and probably even more than one, that works for you. 

3 reasons why investing in domain privacy protection is a must

by Daniel - 10.11.2016

Is domain privacy worth it? It is if you don’t want your name, address, email, and phone details exposed to the whole world. Fortunately, for those of us who value our online anonymity, opting for privacy is a simple, effective, and – perhaps best of all – inexpensive option. 

IoT, the Internet of Threats? Know the risks and stay safe

by Daniel - 08.11.2016

Soon, nearly every aspect of our life will be connected to the Internet. And, as a result, our most commonly used electronic devices will be able to send and receive user data to businesses. But what kind - and how big - a threat to personal safety and security will all these connected devices create?

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