The Benefits of Going Green: Solving SME problems

by Yesha

Hey there! We're going to look at how small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are managing to become more eco-friendly in today's fast-paced business world. Going green is not just about being kind to the environment – it can also help save money, improve your brand's image, and open up new market opportunities. We'll explore the full range of changes, from new innovations to making your business more profitable in an environmentally friendly way. Stay with us as we go through the advantages and challenges SMEs encounter as they move towards a more sustainable future.

What are MX Records and how to use them in 2024

by Guest

This article explores MX Records, which are crucial for directing emails to the correct mail server using SMTP. We review their functions, benefits like load balancing and enhanced security, and provide a detailed guide for setting up MX records, including login, DNS navigation, and configuring hostnames, TTL, and mail servers.

The Importance of the Social Customer Experience to Small Businesses

by Guest

As technology becomes more advanced, society is moving towards spending more and more time in virtual spaces. This includes, of course, social media platforms. And it’s not just personal interactions that happen here – increasingly, a lot of business is done on these channels, too.

If you run a small company and are looking to enhance your customer experience and gain more exposure, you should seriously look to social media as a tool to help you achieve that. By perfecting your social customer experience, in particular, you’ll be able to reap exceptional benefits from these platforms.

Want to know how, exactly? Keep reading.

AI's Role in Tailoring Your Web Journey

by Guest

Did you know that "80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences" (Epsilon, 2018).

This eye-opening statistic might be met with one two reactions, either:

“oh great, I can adapt and stand out from my competition by creating a great experience for my customer”


“do I really need to? I don’t have the time or resources to even start thinking about this?

The first reaction is a resounding yes and for the second reaction – don’t worry, enter AI, or Artificial Intelligence, the game-changer your online business has been waiting for.