Author: Meg

Do you know what EPP status codes are? You cannot be serious!

by Meg

Jeepers creepers, they can stop your domain name being hijacked and you don't know what they are? They're codes that tell you what’s going on. Is your registration about to fail? Is your name being transferred to another registrar? Is it going to be deleted? EPP status codes are alerts that gives you time to act...

8 ways to improve your online visibility with WooRank

by Meg

I’m thrilled to introduce you all to our new guest blogger, Sam Gooch. He’s an SEO expert at WooRank, a company offering a powerful tool designed for all of you with a website. The WooRank tool performs deep SEO analysis, providing essential optimisation tips. Here Sam explains how to improve your online visibility...

To succeed, stand out from the crowd & be counted!

by Meg

There’re countless businesses out there, and thousands of new ones starting up each year. You might be the best, but if you don't stand out from the crowd, how will users know? To succeed, your business must be unique, memorable and visible. Here’s what to do…

New domain extensions - what does the devil's advocate think?

by Meg

It’s been two years since the launch of the new domain extensions. Whilst some people have embraced them with enthusiasm, others have reacted with undisguised disdain. Today I'm playing the devil's advocate, and I'm talking to myself...

Domain extensions? Google spoke, everyone heard... even my mum!

by Meg

The domain industry continues to promote the new domain extensions. Highly descriptive, increased choice, and countless blog posts on how to choose, what’s to come, and why they’re great – register now! Yet still, awareness is low... until Google registered Did you hear the buzz?

How to come up with a seriously awesome blog name!

by Meg

Exciting stuff, creating a blog. What're you waiting for - a flash of inspiration and an awesome blog name to magically appear? Not gonna happen! It's no easy task and shouldn't be rushed. It'll be visible to everyone, it's gonna be around for a while, & it's a real pain to change.

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