Domain Names

.ORG: Not Just for Non-Profits Anymore

by EuroDNS

Did you know that .ORG was one of the first domain extensions created back in the 1980s? It's traditionally been the go-to for non-profits, but there's a whole other side to .ORG that could benefit your business. Let's explore how.

Maximize SEO with .INC Domain Names: A Guide for Businesses

by EuroDNS

.INC domains are more than just professional; they're powerful tools for enhancing your SEO. By integrating your main keywords into a .INC domain, you can improve your site's visibility and credibility in search results. In this blog, we'll explore the unique advantages they offer for your SEO efforts.

Which is the Best SSL Certificate for Your Website?

by Yesha

Let's talk about something that sounds technical but is actually quite simple and very important for your online business: SSL certificates. Think of an SSL certificate as a security guard for your website. It makes sure that the information sent between your visitor's web browser and your website is private and secure.

Short Domain Names: Why are They So Powerful in the Digital Age?

by Yesha

Alright, let's get down to business, shall we? Think of finding the perfect short domain as the digital equivalent of grabbing the best parking spot at the mall during a holiday sale. It's all about getting in, getting out, and leaving a lasting impression.

So, why are these short domains such a big deal, and how do you find one for yourself? Let’s dive in!

Protecting Your Brand Online: A Guide to DPML and DPML+ for Businesses

by EuroDNS

In the dynamic landscape of online business, protecting your brand is crucial. DPML (Domains Protected Marks List) and its enhanced version, DPML+, offered by Donuts, are valuable tools designed to safeguard your trademarks in the vast domain space. In this blog, we'll explore what these services are, how they work, their benefits, requirements, and eligibility criteria.